Build a workflow in Word

I'm here on day 2 of the BPI+W Conference.

Using VSTO Mick Badran has built a workflow designer inside of Microsoft Word.  This is an interesting idea which would allow a user to potentially write a word document and create a workflow that handles some collaboration on that document all in the same user interface.

I still can't find Mark Schmidt here.  Either this is a really big conference, or Mark was just kidding with his blog entry.

Comments (2)

  1. Kevin Daly says:

    That’s really very cool.

    …although there’s a niggling little voice inside me that worries that it might be handing users a nice big pair of scissors to run with…

    Naah, it’s still cool.

  2. Was out yesterday due to health issues. I will be there today starting at the 1:30 session.

    Updated blog:


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