PDC 2005 Windows Workflow Foundation Sessions PPTs

The PPTs from the Professional Developers Conference are all online.  Here are the links to the Windows Workflow Foundation sessions.

  • COM210 Introduction to Windows Workflow Foundation - Bill Devlin & Paul Andrew
  • COM318 Developing Rules Driven Workflows in Windows Workflow Foundation - Jurgen Willis
  • COM322 Developing Event Driven State Machine Workflows in Windows Workflow Foundation - Pravin Indurkar
  • COM325 Workflow + Messaging + Services: Developing Distributed Applications with Workflows - Don Box & Dharma Shukla
  • COM327 Hosting and Communications Options in Windows Workflow Foundation - Israel Hilerio
  • COM328 Extending Windows Workflow Foundation with Custom Activities - Dennis Pilarinos
  • COML01 Case Study: Revolutionizing Microsoft Axapta—Harnessing Web Services, Workflow and SharePoint - Mike Ehrenberg
  • OFF415 Windows SharePoint Services: Developing Custom Workflows - George Hatoun

If you missed the PDC, we are WebCasting most of these same sessions in the Week of Workflow WebCasts.

Comments (3)

  1. Cyril says:

    Hello Paul,

    Do you plan to make the sample application used in COM318 available for download ?

    I have seen that the rule set editor that was used during this session is now available on the WWF site, but I would like to play with the whole application if possible.


  2. Paul Andrew says:

    I will ask the presenter about this. Regards, Paul.

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