People using Windows Workflow Foundation in the Technology Adoption Program

Windows Workflow Foundation is a new piece of Microsoft platform technology that can be used to build workflow enabled applications. Microsoft is redefining workflow by incorporating it into a mainstream development platform and making it a broader technology by supporting human and system workflow and incorporating flow based, rules based, state based and data driven workflow all across client and server scenarios. While this is fantastic news for software developers who use .NET some people have asked me how can end users benefit from this.  Of course there are many Microsoft products that are being workflow enabled with Windows Workflow Foundation.  Some are called out in the Microsoft press release. Here are some of the Technology Adoption Program partners who are working with our team and plan to make use or Windows Workflow Foundation.  In this list you can see vendors of existing end user workflow products, system integrators, and vendors of line of business applications.

Here are links to some of the Technology Adoption Program press releases:

Comments (2)

  1. Kris says:

    For all of Microsoft’s resources I don’t understand why it takes years and years to still not get us a straightforward workflow product. Take a look at Fuego or Pectra, these are drag and drop environments that do modelling and loading simulations also. They auto-generate the code. This I can do. Trying to get Microsoft working with Biztalk and Visual Studio and Sharepoint, etc…. it just goes on and on. Microsoft became successful by starting with the individual beginner programmer, you’ve made it so complicated we are now buying standalone one-off tools for our enterprise rather than trying to understand what all these things are!

  2. Paul Andrew says:

    Previously I’ve posted about customers engaging with the WF TAP program . TAP is Technology Adoption

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