Moved from Wellington, New Zealand to Redmond, Washington.

I just got SharpReader installed again.  I've been absent from blogging since I left New Zealand on 11th March 2005.  Sorry about that.  I noticed that Nic has dropped me off the New Zealand .NET Developers Blog Roll.  Very sad.  Hey Nic, don't expat's count?

I promise to write more real soon about my move to Redmond.

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  1. Kevin Daly says:

    You might want to update your map as well 🙂

    Don’t feel bad about the blog roll, I’m not on the list either, and I’m still here! (despite my best efforts).

    PS. If you want to give mobile blogging another crack (frankly for me it mainly has novelty value), I have a download link now to the *much* improved version of my app here: (it very possibly maybe supports Community Server, among other things).

    PS. MSDN blogs are doing very odd things this morning.

  2. Daniel Wissa says:

    Hey Paul welcome back to blogging! Hope to see you blogging more regularly again.

  3. Rod says:

    Hi Paul, great to see your back online. We’re looking forward to all the details of your new role.

    Also, SauceReader is the new black.


  4. Peter Jones says:

    Hey there.

    I think we had a problem with your blog so that’s why it dissappeared from the OPML. I’ll ping Nic and and ask him to reinstate it.


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