MapPoint Web Service now includes New Zealand

The MapPoint Web Service now includes data for New Zealand. Here's an article describing the changes in the release that has just occurred.

See also the MapPoint Developer Centre and you can get a 12 month free subscription as an MSDN Subscriber.  Go to the MSDN Subscriber web site, log in and look under the "Cool Offers" section.  If you aren't an MSDN Subscriber you can still get a 45 day trial of the MapPoint Web Service.

Go on, try it out..

Comments (3)

  1. M Freitas says:

    Hmmm. Just today I was looking for New Zealand info. What kind of information would this have? Street level information or just the white squares around ChCh and AKL (like on

  2. Kevin Daly says:

    Hey Paul,

    This is probably a stupid question, but could you clarify something: I understand that the NZ base map supports routing but presumably not finding locations and addresses (which I think fits what you said a while ago), but does it support map rendering?

    That would *seem* like a given but I thought I’d better ask since it’s not explicitly stated, and the fact that CanDrawMaps exists at all suggests that for some base maps it can return [false].

    I actually picked the news up from one of the MSDN RSS feeds this afternoon, so I’ve already started nagging the boss to give me the go-ahead for us to kick off our trial subscription.

    On an off-topic subject, have you seen this?:

    You might have to take up a collection 🙂

    (Although I think a trans-Pacific flight might turn Rory into an *actual* basket case…this is someone who doesn’t like flying between cities in the US…)

  3. Paul Andrew says:

    Hi Mauricio, I have yet to try it out but it should have all street information available. You wont see a big launch in New Zealand yet though because FindAddress() which takes a text address and returns a geocode location is still in the works.

    Hi Kevin, Go ahead and try it out. Or you could wait for FindAddress() which I understand is currently planned for.

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