nGallery and ASP.NET Medium Trust

Today I decided to create a family photo album web site.  I settled on using nGallery (from   The hoster I am using has a fairly locked down environment so nGallery didn’t work out of the box.  Here are the things I had to do to make it work:   My hoster has ASP.NET…


.NET coding is more fun than your day job

I just did Brad Abram’s latest Whidbey Readiness Quiz and it was great fun.  The comments on his blog so far are .NET Framework 2.0 answers, but I used .NET Framework 1.1.  I thought Brad was trying to illustrate the difficulty doing this stuff the old way.  And no I didn’t figure out how to make the…


.NET Developer Bloggers in New Zealand

Borrowed from Tim Sneath a list of .NET Developers in New Zealand who have a blog.  Feel free to add a comment to this page to get yourself on the list – it’s a short list so far. Chris Auld – Regional .NET User Group Leader Kirk Jackson – Wellington .NET User Group Leader Peter Jones…


New Zealand Developer Roadshow in November

In November (yes in a couple of weeks) we will be running a developer and business event in three cities within NZ, we will be visiting: Wellington – 8th Nov – Duxton Hotel Christchurch – 16th Nov – Christchurch Convention Centre Auckland – 17th Nov – Aotea Centre The events are FREE and within the…


Marlborough Sounds for the Holiday Weekend

I’ve spent the holiday weekend a bit off the beaten track in the Marlborough Sounds (Mahau Sounds in Moetapu Bay to be exact).  I’ve also just published the ASP.NET web site for the Catamaran Yacht we stayed on Panache Cat.


Fraud in Ministry of Health in New Zealand

An Australian IT worker (a project manager) John Bernard Denison was sentanced today in Wellington, New Zealand.  He had worked at the Ministry of Health in Wellington, New Zealand – where I live – how rude – and apparently had hacked the Ministry of Health systems in order to divert 2.3 million dollars to his own bank…


Windows Media Center Edition 2005

I’m running Windows Media Center Edition 2005 at home and is’t very cool.  Sometimes it’s not though.  I was just sitting on the couch watching the start of Everybody Loves Raymond.  My wife walks in and rewinds it back to the start so I get to watch all the same gags again.  Admititedly she missed…


End of the Week

Well, yes I did get my Visual Studio Team System install working.  A two VPC configuration is much easier to deal with – both running Windows Server 2003.  Install the first one as a domain controller with a private domain and remember to include DNS when it asks you.  On the second machine join the domain…