WiFi Product Idea

I don't know if this has been thought of before.  I'd like to have a WiFi access point that is cheap and works in two modes.

  1. First is regular secured access from the Access Point owner.
  2. Second is anonymous mode if you don't enter any security - this mode is controlled by a round dial on the Access Point

Okay, so the dial on the access point can be used to dial-up the amount of free traffic that the Access Point owner is willing to give away, graduated in Kb/s.  So you can be philanthropic and give away some WiFi to the neighbourhood you live in without fearing that your neighbours will suck all your bandwidth.  This should mean that you don't notice the loss of the free traffic you're giving away at all.

The result of a product like this could be that free WiFi spreads around the world much faster.  I can't have a free Access Point at my home right now because my telco charges a large fee if I go over the nominated gigabyte limit for a month.

Comments (4)

  1. William Luu says:

    I’ve never liked it when telcos charge for excess usage, over here (in Australia) the recent trend is to make use of ‘shaping’ (aka, speed capping) once a user exceeds their monthly quota of usage.

    It’s much "nicer" than the large excess fees. Of course, you do want to enjoy that faster speed rather than the slower one as much as possible, so some people might be willing to pay for those extra dollars to maintain the speed. (But they usually just go for a higher data limit instead…)

  2. matt says:

    See… this is the way it’s got to go eventually – it was thought of years back, but for some reason the capitalists among us have been super-wary about the idea.

    I’m not so sure why people are so unwilling to be a little altruisic, eventually it would make everything quite so amazingly ubiquitous we wouldn’t have to worry about "stealing" bandwidth.

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