Travel Diary – not

I'm in a SQL Server 2005 Developer Course that Bob Beauchemin is teaching in Bellevue today.  Yesterday was about SQL Server 2005 scalability and reliability and tomorrow is about SQL Server 2005 business intelligence.  And it makes me think that I should blog all my travels so that I can remember where I've been.

But wait, no one cares about places I travel - not that I expect anyone reads my blog anyway.  That's the thing about blogs, you write this stuff and then, well, you write some more stuff.  Unless people flame you with feedback you have no idea if anyone is out there.  I like that - it brings a whole anonimity to blogging that's comforting in some way.

So back to the course, Bob's really good.  Each of these three days is a 'summary' of a five day course.  Something interesting about having a 5 day course delivered in 1 day.

I just got hold of Kevin Daly's Pocket PC blog entry tool.  Looking forward to trying it shortly.

Comments (3)

  1. Chris Auld says:

    We read it 😉

    I blog so that when I need to find something important later on I can just go to google and type ‘Syringe’ + ‘What I’m Looking For’….

    Tell us about what you’ve learnt on SQL2k5 clustering support thus far… That’s always been a key weakness against that Oracle thing…

  2. Daniel Wissa says:

    Yup, we do read it 🙂 I think I’m a better blog reader than writer at present. But I am working my way through enhancing my blog writing skills!

  3. I read it as well. I did one of my first courses with Bob (all about MTS and COM). Definitely one of the best technical courses I have ever done. Bob’s a great guy

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