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  1. Kevin Daly says:

    Actually, we counted 3 distinct models of bag: one very much like last year’s (which itself was pretty good), one rather nice one, and one that was "somewhat less nice than the others".

    I wondered if it had anything to do with more people attending than were anticipated.

    I found the venue a bit cramped (although I liked the excellent WiFi coverage) – at the Aotea Centre if the direct route was crowded, you could usually go the long way – but at Sky City that would’ve involved taking the stairs, hoping the other floor wasn’t so crowded, and then taking the opposite set of stairs back to the floor you started on.

    On the WiFi subject, I started a .NET Compact Framework project last night to work with the .Text SimpleBlogService web service to post blog entries from a Pocket PC (it was frustrating having the device, having the WiFi access, and not being able to blog). I’ve got it to the stage where it works (except Categories, for now), now I have to add configuration and support for landscape mode and different resolutions. Then I’ll probably do a completely pointless Smartphone 2003 version (my current compulsion to write web service clients for everything in sight is getting like the compulsion I had a few years ago to persuade people they should do their shopping lists in XML…)

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