TechEd New Zealand 2004 Locked Down Schedule

It's live all the session titles, speakers and timeslots at  I was going to say you heard it here first, but I called my manager to tell him just now.  What an effort to get that signed off.  It prints best landscape.  I hope to add links to the abstracts soon.

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  1. Kevin Daly says:

    I was interested to see there’s going to be a MapPoint Location Server session – does that mean MapPoint coverage of this part of the world will be increasing soon, or are these entirely unrelated products (I thought MLS integrated with the existing MapPoint services but maybe it works fine without)? I do seem to remember hearing something about MapPoint being extended to Australia shortly, if New Zealand were included that would be great – for a start it would greatly increase the range of potential mobile solutions, and it would also give people an alternative to the ESRI monopoly for many purposes.

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