Borland C# Builder

I've been using Borland C# Builder a bit this week.  I was getting an unknown error 0x80131044 frequently in the IDE.

Borland Data Provider
Unknown error - HRESULT 0x80131044

It happened when I tried to create a new Web Application and it happened when I was using the Borland independant database provider components.  I noticed that 1.2 version system assemblies were appearing here and there in stacks from the tool.  Hmmm...  I uninstalled the PDC build of Visual Studio .NET Whidbey and all is happy again with Borland C# Builder.

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  1. Dogg says:

    You can create a manifest to use .NET 1.1. No problem at all..

  2. me says:

    I got the same with my C# apps. Properties appeared in the code that are for framework 1.2… uninstall and it works again… 🙂

  3. wangjun says:


  4. wangjun says:


  5. Jeswin P says:

    If you install .Net 2.0 beta1, C# builder shows a couple of errors while on the splash screen.

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