Windows Store Apps with HTML5–Refresh

A full day of content has now extended the very popular “HTML5 for Windows 8 courses” available at the Microsoft Virtual Academy.  This new course builds on everything you’ve already learned about developing apps in these HTML5 courses: Developing Windows Store Apps with HTML5 Jump Start and Advanced Windows Store App Development Using HTML5 and…


HTML5 Apps 70-480

Elevate! Electrify! Jeremy Foster and I had no idea what kind of response resulted from presenting our free training course to prepare for the 70-480 exam.  For example, who knew that our shirts (purchased from the Microsoft Store the day prior) would become so popular, people contacting both of us wondering where they could buy…


Microsoft DevRadio: Adding an App Bar

To play video, hover above and press play button. Abstract:  In this episode, Michael Palermo shows how easy it is to add an application bar to your app! Next Steps: Step #1 – Download Windows 8 and Windows 8 SDKStep #2 – Download Visual Studio Express for Windows 8Step #3 – Start building your own Apps…


Microsoft DevRadio: Developing for Device Features

To play video, hover above and press play button. Abstract:  Ever wonder how you can develop for device features you really like even though your personal device doesn’t support it? Well in this episode, Michael Palermo shows you the power of the Simulator in Visual Studio and how you can test features for various devices….


JavaScript for Windows 8 Apps: How to Access the User’s Display Name

Need to know the display name of the user currently logged in to Windows 8?  The task is easy! To demonstrate, I created a new “Blank App” JavaScript project in Visual Studio 2012.  In the default.html file, I replaced the contents of the <body> tag with the following: <body> <h1 id=”displayName”>(to be replaced by user’s…


How to Use IFrames in WinRT Apps

Did you know you could use iframes in WinRT apps developed using JavaScript?  Is this suppose to be exciting?  Why would you care?  For the answers, follow along as I take a journey of discovery attempting to add live Twitter feeds to my app. To set the stage for what I want to do, you…


Microsoft DevRadio: Adding HTML5 Content

To play video, hover above and press play button. Abstract: Michael Palermo is back for today’s show as he shows us how to use a Blank Template in Visual Studio  to develop an app for Windows 8. Next Steps: Step #1 – Download Windows 8 Release Preview and Windows 8 SDKStep #2 – Download Visual Studio…


HTML5 Delta Reference

Curious about the changes in HTML5?  The W3C recently published an online reference to easily define the deltas.  This reference has been added to the popular HTML5 resources on this site  


CSS3 Target Trick

In my previous post regarding a CSS Hover Trick, I was challenged in the twitter universe to do something similar with images, but with the click event.  Could this be done without JavaScript?  But of course.  What makes this possible is use of two CSS3 selectors:  :not, :target. This will not work in older browsers,…


CSS Hover Trick

In no way am I claiming this to be original.  But I can’t say I have seen this trick done anywhere else.  With the CSS :hover selector, you can create a nice “status message” appear in one location while hovering over particular items in a list (or menu).  Below are the screen captures of what…