DevRadio: Project Spark

Michael Palermo welcomes  Henry Sterchi and Mike Lescault as they discuss Project Spark. Tune in and check out one of the coolest “game maker” video game platforms available today and learn how you can get involved making, creating and playing your own Project Spark inspired games or movies on Windows 8.1 and Xbox One.

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  • [2:00] Who is the target audience for Project Spark?
  • [4:00] What type of games are available to play on Project Spark?
  • [11:40] How does Project Spark compare to Unity or other game maker platforms?
  • [17:01]  Is there a monetization feature to Project Spark? If not, are the plans for that in the future?
  • [23:50]  What is “Spark Power”?
  • [26:36]  I noticed all of the cool gaming assets available to use when creating games – who makes those?
  • [30:04] How do you see Project Spark evolving in the future?
  • [34:45] What are the supported platforms for Project Spark?
  • [36:26] Can you play and create in a multi-player format?
  • [37:43] How do I get involved with Project Spark?
Comments (1)

  1. DonSjonnie says:

    Great interview. Was surpised to see my creation Jenga! in your video.

    For people who didn't try Project Spark already go request the beta key en get creating. It is very simple and fun!

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