DevRadio: Using Xamarin to Create Your Apps

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Michael Palermo welcomes Mike Bluestein to today’s show as they discuss how you can easily create cross-platform apps in C# with the help of Xamarin. Tune in as they discuss the benefits to using Xamarin as well as how you get started today.

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Comments (6)

  1. Daniel says:

    The advantages of phonegap cutted Out? This speaks for itself! Very unprofessionel.

  2. palermo4 says:

    @Daniel, Thanks for your feedback.  No intention to disrespect PhoneGap.  In fact, I welcome anyone to leave a comment on this blog indicating what they see are advantages of PhoneGap.

  3. Daniel says:

    Then i do not understand why you cutted ist out. This can't be by accident.

  4. doczoidberg says:

    …sorry I had problems with the sound on my ipad exactly at the time frame where Mike seemed to mention the advantages of phonegap.

    Now it works and listened to what he've said in this time frame (no andvantages either).

    Some advantages of phonegap:

    – develop once, run everywhere

    – develop once for all mobile devices _and_ desktop

    – ridiclous amount of libraries (also GUI stuff)

    – it's free

    – one can argue about this one but Html+JS (or Typescript) seems to be the future

    Of course there are also reasons to use Xamarin. Especially where performance counts. I think it's also a great framework to build mobile apps but I don't want to repeat Mike's arguments here.

  5. palermo4 says:

    @Daniel, the benefits of PhoneGap are mentioned at the 7 minute mark in the video.  Specifically, Mike mentions utilizing known web skills and code reusability.

  6. Terri E says:

    I guess I did it. Terri Evans didn't know what I was doing. Mike didn'tdo it . I don't know what I was doing

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