2014 Phoenix Mobile Festival

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MVA – The Modern Web Platform

<p><b>Hello!</b></p> <p>I am Michael</p> <img src=’Internet_Explorer_7_Logo.png’ /> See the Pen MVA140826-HTML by J Michael Palermo IV (@palermo4) on CodePen.


GameMaker Workshop Import

Download the GameMaker import file for “The Sky is Falling”


3 Reasons To Use OneDrive

The OneDrive team announced exciting news regarding new online storage plans today!  Here is the quick details: OneDrive will come with 15 GB for free (up from 7 GB) All versions of Office 365 will come with 1 TB of OneDrive Storage We (OneDrive) are dropping storage prices by over 70%   This is a…



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DigiGirlz in AZ

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Every Developer Has a Story

Between April 16 and June 1, developers can enter by joining App Builder Rewards and completing the "Every Dev Has a Story" quest with 50-200 words about an application published in the Windows or Windows Phone Store, or an Azure application or developer story that includes: What did you build and why? What inspired your…


Reno Hackathon–The Story

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Reno Hackathon 2014

Congratulations to the winners announced at the Reno Hackathon! Many of the participants used GameMaker by YoYo Games to create an app.  A testimony to GameMaker Studio is that most who were using it were doing so for the first time – and of that group, some had no development background whatsoever! This was highlighted…