EventDay Knows Events!

imageRecently I asked community leader Scott Cate if he could set up a registration system for an upcoming event.  While we were talking on the phone, he had the entire registration up and running.  That is impressive, but even better was my experience when I registered myself as an attendee.  It wasn’t so much the actual registration process of entering my information, it was what happened after I registered online.

A few moments after I registered, I received an email confirmation for the event as most systems do. I also received a test message notification as follows:


I clicked on the link provided, and this is what was shown:


Since the red arrow was so obvious, I selected pin to start from the option menu.  It put the QR code right on my phone:


What is so cool about this?  When anyone shows for the event to check in, all he or she must do is turn the phone on and present the QR code to be scanned.  Check in complete, no printing, no searching all over for that email…  Nice!

Hats off to the innovative team at EventDay!

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