HTML5 Apps 70-480

Elevate! Electrify!


Jeremy Foster and I had no idea what kind of response resulted from presenting our free training course to prepare for the 70-480 exam.  For example, who knew that our shirts (purchased from the Microsoft Store the day prior) would become so popular, people contacting both of us wondering where they could buy one?

That said, the real story is in the successful outcomes of those who watched the videos and then subsequently passed the exam.  Even more impressive to me personally is that some already have apps submitted to the Windows Store!  (Do you have an app in the store? If not, consider 30,000 reasons why you should submit your app now!)

[ detailed notes (with code) covering the entire video course ]

Comments (5)

  1. Thanks for the jumpstart course. Help me easily to pass the exam!

    Looking forward to the next one.

    Regards, JoKi

  2. palermo4 says:

    @Jochen You are welcome.  I would love to know if you have any apps in the store?

  3. Don Ricardo JR says:

    Great stuff, gentlemen, thanks.  No app in the store, but the future awaits!

  4. Muneer says:

    Thank you men, the time I spent in the course was awesome. Hope you can deliver more in future.

    Currently, I'm on web app side. after the training I feel comfortable and know the nuts and bolts on how to use the same tech for windows app. I think its a break through.



  5. Mohan Deval says:

    Great stuff… This helped me in getting thro' the 70-480 last month… Keep doing the fantabulous job of helping training, & web casting.

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