How to Make 30K a Month

$$$  I am so driven now to get all my app ideas into the Windows Store.  A member of my team at Microsoft recently revealed to an internal (Microsoft-only) audience that he is now surpassing thirty thousand dollars a month from a card game he submitted.  Want to understand how he did it?  Well thankfully he has generously made this public knowledge and you can read all about it at his blog!

Time for me to get my apps submitted!  BTW, if you have your own app success story, please contact me and tell me about it!

Comments (3)

  1. steven sanchez says:

    How do I start making money I took an Visual basics programming class and c# 2008 programming class and I have an associate degree in  information Technology but I have not program for more than a year will I still be successful? my email is

  2. palermo4 says:

    @steven What part of the world do you live in right now?  I could help you by possibly directing you to free one-day workshops to accelerate your skills and learn how to profit from the app industry

  3. palermo4 says:

    By the way, there is an update to this blog post.  See

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