Camtasia Recorder Error: “Failed to start recording: Temp Folder Uninitialized”

While attempting to record with Camtasia, you may receive the following error dialog box:

Failed to start recording temp folder uninitialized

If you receive this message, it is because the recorder is configured to save the recording in a temporary folder that does not exist.  To correct the problem, navigate to the tools menu option in the Camtasia Recorder and select Options.  Make sure the path for the Temporary folder: text input is valid.

camtasia recorder tools options dialog temporary folder

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  1. hoon says:

    thank you ~~~~

  2. Input says:

    I just spent an hour trying to resolve the same problem. Turns out, since I use multiple monitors, somehow the "record frame" got shifted off the screen (those green dotted lines that show what area of the screes you're suppose to record. Once you adjust the area to be within your screen, the problem will be solved.

  3. xsingy says:

    thanks for the solution: I also use multiple monitors, and the issue was that the screen recording area was off screen…

  4. Badger says:

    I also had the "multiple-monitor" problem. Clicked to define the screen area, and problem solved.

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