Microsoft Imagine Cup 2018 – Regional Final Schedule

Dear Imagine Cup Participants


Thank you for your submission. We have come up with a presentation schedule for teams who are interested in going to one of our 4 onsite locations to present their projects, in 15 min slots. Below you will find this schedule for every team that has registered.


Please, if you find your team name mentioned in a region that is too far for you (you are from Islamabad or Lahore, and region assigned to you is Karachi for example) get in touch with Muhammad Sohaib ( / 0343-3555716) ASAP so that you can be assigned a new location.


Regional contact names for each region, the location for each region’s along with the regional host locations, and there details are also given below against each region.


In case of any general queries or concerns, please reach out immediately to Muhammad Sohaib at contact details provided. For region specific queries, please reach out to regional contacts given below. Please note, these timings are for ONSITE presentations. If a team is not able to come for onsite presentation, their online submitted video and other deliverables will be judged and marked accordingly.

Note: If you don't see your team listed below, that means your submission was incomplete. Please get in touch with Sohaib, we are looking at how we can entertain such teams at this point in time. Please, when you reach out, MAKE SURE YOU LET US KNOW WHICH REGION / UNIVERSITY you belong to.

Contact Names & Host Locations:



Higher Education Regional Center Karachi – Muhammad Sohaib: 0343-3555716 /



Higher Education Regional Center Lahore – Sheikh Rizwan: 0312-5166755 /



Pearl Continental Hotel, Peshawar – Sheikh Rizwan: 0312-5166755 /



Serena Hotel, Quetta – Muhammad Sohaib: 0343-3555716 /


Team List & Schedule:



Team Name Regional Final Region Timings Date
3 Coders Karachi 10:15am 29th March
Ali Ahmed Karachi 10:30am 29th March
BEAMS Karachi 10:45am 29th March
E-Henna Karachi 11:00am 29th March
Faaiz-ul-Hassan Karachi 11:15am 29th March
Factotum Karachi 11:30am 29th March
Hammad ur Rehman, Sohaib Nadeem, Nazneen Kausar Karachi 11:45am 29th March
imaginecodeR Karachi 12:00pm 29th March
IoT Solutions Karachi 12:15pm 29th March
ISU Robotics Karachi 12:30pm 29th March
LimeLite Karachi 12:45pm 29th March
MAAS Karachi 1:00pm 29th March
Mars games Karachi 1:15pm 29th March
ProRecruit Karachi 2:30pm 29th March
Psycaria Karachi 2:45pm 29th March
Reigning Tech(Order Booking System For Masses) Karachi 3:00pm 29th March
Softaych Karachi 3:15pm 29th March
Tabhouse Karachi 3:30pm 29th March
Team atmotech Karachi 3:45pm 29th March
TechyTeam Karachi 10:15am 30th March
charming Karachi 10:30am 30th March
DSU Game Developers Karachi 10:45am 30th March
Team-HYPER-REC Karachi 11:00am 30th March
Code Clone Finders Karachi 11:15am 30th March
Mern Blazers Karachi 11:30am 30th March
Team WSP Karachi 11:45am 30th March
TechUnion Karachi 12:00pm 30th March
Brain Busters Karachi 12:15pm 30th March
Devil's Whisper Karachi 12:30pm 30th March
Logical Processors Karachi 2:00pm 30th March
NeuroSquad Karachi 2:15pm 30th March
Pak Agile Karachi 2:30pm 30th March
Team Ninja Karachi 2:45pm 30th March
TechTor Karachi 3:00pm 30th March
Fast track Karachi 3:15pm 30th March
Humachines Karachi 3:30pm 30th March



Team Name Regional Final Region Timings Date
HNS Lahore 11:00am 29th March
Syed Chaos Lahore 11:15am 29th March
The MRI Lahore 11:30am 29th March
Mehar's... Lahore 11:45am 29th March
Queen Bees Lahore 12:00pm 29th March
Star Girls Lahore 12:15pm 29th March
The G Power Lahore 12:30pm 29th March
Camelion Lahore 12:45pm 29th March
Cyber Bullies Lahore 1:00pm 29th March
cybertise Lahore 1:15pm 29th March
Game Developers Lahore 2:30pm 29th March
Garrisonian Lahore 2:45pm 29th March
H & N Lahore 3:00pm 29th March
hotel LGU Lahore 3:15pm 29th March
LGU Lahore 3:30pm 29th March
Lions Heart Lahore 3:45pm 29th March
Power Puff Lahore 4:00pm 29th March
SH Lahore 11:00am 30th March
Spectrum Finders Lahore 11:15am 30th March
Team Farhan Lahore 11:30am 30th March
Team Girls Lahore 11:45am 30th March
TMK Lahore 12:00pm 30th March
Team MNS-UAM Lahore 12:15pm 30th March
Team zee Lahore 12:30pm 30th March
SPARTANS_NTU Lahore 2:00pm 30th March
Tech ninjas Lahore 2:15pm 30th March
The Amigos Lahore 2:30pm 30th March
Gameplay2050 Lahore 2:45pm 30th March
CESTINO - Smart Waste Managment Lahore 3:00pm 30th March
Chaser Express Lahore 3:15pm 30th March
IT Bugs Lahore 3:30pm 30th March
ITI Solutions Lahore 3:45pm 30th March



Team Name Regional Final Region Timings Date
Addonexus Peshawar 11:00am 2nd April
XTECH 10 Peshawar 11:15am 2nd April
Code 4 life Peshawar 11:30am 2nd April
Cusit Data Warriors Peshawar 11:45am 2nd April
IntrecX Peshawar 12:00pm 2nd April
ALI AZIZ Peshawar 12:15pm 2nd April
Civil Rocks 3 Peshawar 12:30pm 2nd April
Fe Amaan Peshawar 12:45pm 2nd April
Lublin Pakistan Peshawar 1:00pm 2nd April
SAINT-NUST Peshawar 11:00am 3rd April
techwork Peshawar 11:15am 3rd April
Usman nazir Peshawar 11:30am 3rd April
CodeDetectives Peshawar 11:45am 3rd April
alpha 10 Peshawar 12:00pm 3rd April
Wec Snake team Peshawar 12:15pm 3rd April



Team Name Regional Final Region Timings Date
Abdullah Sabir Quetta 11:00am 2nd April
BUITEMS Computer Engineers Quetta 11:15am 2nd April
ChildBook Quetta 11:30am 2nd April
computer engineer Quetta 11:45am 2nd April
CONE Quetta 12:00pm 2nd April
crime maculation team Quetta 12:15pm 2nd April
Genymotion Quetta 12:30pm 2nd April
Markhors Quetta 12:45pm 2nd April
Nerd Herd Quetta 1:00pm 2nd April
Project cars Quetta 11:00am 3rd April
Team ASB Quetta 11:15am 3rd April
Zalmis Quetta 11:30am 3rd April
Tehreem shfiq ,kinza ishfaq ,laraib ali Quetta 11:45am 3rd April


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