Sneak Peak into Microsoft Imagine Cup National Finals Evaluations [Pictures]

We’re collaborating with Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan for hosting the grand Microsoft Imagine Cup 2017 National Finals Ceremony at HEC headquarters in Islamabad on Wednesday, 26th April 2017. Keeping in consideration the grand ceremony that is to take place, the result of the winning team from Pakistan will be announced during the ceremony. You can Register for the ceremony by visiting this link.

However, to refresh the memories of the amazing National Finals evaluations that took place on 13th & 14th April, here are the selective pictures of the competing teams with the judges. I hope they will also give a sneak peak of the diversity we witnessed during the National Finals Evaluations.

The Judges

Let us begin with an introduction of our judges for Imagine Cup National Finals Evaluations,

 dsc_4069  dsc_4070
Dr. Adeel Akram from UET Taxila  Dr. Saad Rehman from NUST - EME
 dsc_4071  dsc_4073
 Mr. Qasim Ali from TeraData  Mr. Zulfiqar Bangash heading ICEPT department at Iqra University & M.D. Irtiqa Group


National Finals Competing Teams

Team Ninja

Project Title: Connor-Bring Him Back

A 2D arcade game for mobile and web platform. The audience of this game are core, mid-core, and hardcore gamers, who love difficulty in games. We are trying to replicate the difficulty of PC/Console level games in mobile and web platform. Our arcade game consists of a ninja who is thrown into a parallel universe by a demon and now he has to return back. The game has 40 levels that can make grown men cry.


dsc_4184 dsc_4185
dsc_4175 dsc_4169



Project Title: HEE-A Perfect Trainer

HEE, is a 3D Game which can improve your skills. The uniqueness of the game is that it is played by your major senses (Eyes, Ears, Hands). It has four different modes. In first mode, the main controls of the game are through your Eyes. In Second mode is through your ears, and in the third mode is by your Hands. In the last mode which is Expert mode (locked in the start), you can use your hands, eyes and ears at the same time. After playing this game your "Focus capability", "Decision making" and "Remembering power" skills are improved.  The Game was made in Unity3d engine with C# scripting, and uses Microsoft Azure for Game progress report.


dsc_4063 dsc_4076
dsc_4075 dsc_4066



Project Title: VOICE

A sign language translator for deaf and mute people. An application that would translate sign language gestures to normal language words and speech that would be easily comprehensible by normal people and normal language words to sign language providing a two-way communication between normal and impaired people. This project is basically intended to bridge the communication gap for the Impaired people so that they may be able to play their role effectively in the society.


dsc_4138 dsc_4140


Peace Champs

Project Title: Peace Champs

A unique, interactive, cross platform mobile game app for developing kids to instill the concepts of love, friendship, and kindness, in-order-to bring peace to our overall world.


dsc_4088 dsc_4081
dsc_4083 dsc_4090



Project Title: Sales Around

A mobile based Application that has two features. 1. Allow the user to add reminder using location services. 2. It will notify the user if there is any promotional offer or sale going on in nearby stores. As soon as a person enter a certain area, the location-based mobile app will ping at a custom-set radius reminding them of the sales from a location nearby.


dsc_4099 dsc_4106
dsc_3776 dsc_4097


Virtual Reality Defense Training System

Project Title: Virtual Reality Defense Training System

Postural training and indoor shooting by gun equipped with gyro-sensor is being provided and it is also simulated on MATLAB using fuzzy logic then implemented in virtual reality to enhance soldier training by lessening injury risk of real life shooting practices also VRSST (Virtual reality sniper shooting trainer system) is implemented for soldiers to train more efficient and promising results than in real time.


dsc_4132 dsc_4116
dsc_4128 dsc_4135


Brain Busters

Project Title: Parkinson's disease Identification and Therapy

Pakistan's first software based system for Parkinson's disease identification and therapy that works along with azure SQL database and Kinect V2 powered by Microsoft. Its accurate, efficient and less time consuming. All the Tests and Questions mentioned in this system are taken from UPDRS Unified Parkinson's Disease Rating Scale that's globally being used for Parkinson's identification.


dsc_4145 dsc_4148



Project Title: Wonder Tree

WonderTree is using augmented reality to make educational and therapeutic games for children with special needs using augmented reality. By using technology and gamification WonderTree is making special education and therapy: cost effective, efficient and accessible to all.


dsc_4157 dsc_4163
dsc_4155 dsc_4161


Positive Zero

Project Title: Speak to Code

Project “Speak to Code” as the name suggests enables programmers/developers to write code or develop applications using their natural voice. This will innovate the mechanism of programming, as it’ll become “interactive programming” and will increase the productivity of programmers/developers.


dsc_4290 dsc_4296
dsc_4294 dsc_4298


Knack Nerds

Project Title: AllertAlliance

A portable device in the form of ring, locket or watch, through which you can get instant help from hospitals or police stations without any need of smart phone or Internet.


dsc_4190 dsc_4193
dsc_4191 dsc_4186



Project Title: Emotion Recognition Framework

Emonx framework aims to create a system which allows it's users to build their own data-gathering applications using any of the sensory frameworks provided. The system will be able to gather various types of data from an array of different mobile and desktop devices. Besides touch data, emonX will also use geo-position tracking to measure a user’s movements in the past 30 minutes (before they use the swipe-based interaction) in order to give some context to the user’s physical state. This, along with emotions elicited, gives us a good, distinctive dataset that can be used to elicit their moods and feelings.


dsc_4216 dsc_4227
dsc_4219 dsc_4222



Project Title: SentiSense

SentiSense is your friend that helps you buy what’s right so you don’t have to face buyer’s remorse. It will recommend you laptops based upon your preferences by providing you a rating for each feature of a laptop based upon user experience rather than expert reviews through ABSA (Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis). Furthermore, it helps marketers do the brand position and improve their product & most importantly know what their consumers think. Buying trends are changing users are more inclined towards online shopping and when it comes to shopping online, reviews have significant importance so SentiSence is need of the day.


dsc_4235 dsc_4234
dsc_4244 dsc_4259



Project Title: CompareNshop

CompareNshop is an online solution that brings easy and smart shopping experience to their customers all over the Pakistan. Our ultimate goal is to bring the whole physical as well as online market of the country at everyone’s fingertips. All what the user have to do is just visit, enter the desired product and the system will tell that the product is available where and for what prices.


dsc_4307 dsc_4304
dsc_4314 dsc_4327


Thaheer Team

Project Title: Thaheer

Our Project is a music sharing website and android app which focuses on struggling artists. Our local artists and struggling artists don't have a platform where they can be listened and appreciated by their targeted audience. In Thaheer, as an artist you can give your buy link to the album and users will buy it from there. Artists also have the power to allow and disallow downloads to their songs. They will know the extended stats to their songs also.


dsc_4343 dsc_4339
dsc_4331 dsc_4335


Amicus Cube

Project Title: Distributed Object Based Pollution Monitoring and recommendation system

The Project is focused to improve the collection, processing and analysis of data for monitoring air pollution in different urban areas. This is research based Project intended to facilitate Citizens with recommendations system making travel advise. The Project intends to gather real Air pollution data with a module integrated with University vehicle, and then filtering and processing data to identify minimum and maximum values of different air pollutants during different times of the day. A recommendation system makes advice to the people/commuters through an android based application interface. The technical outcome of this project will be a working prototype (Hardware and software) to serve the prescribed purpose.


dsc_4396 dsc_4398
dsc_4392 dsc_4388


IoT friends

Project Title: IOT Base Home Automation System

To control light, fan and their intensity, temperature, movement and gas leakage notifications through Web Application.


dsc_4465 dsc_4477
dsc_4473 dsc_4471


Markhor Developers

Project Title: Kinector

Application for listening and speech impaired people using Microsoft Kinect sensor which works as an interpreter.


dsc_4416 dsc_4426
dsc_4444 dsc_4455


Victory United

Project Title: Online OCR Based Attendance System

Taking OCR based attendance means that you can mark the attendance from a picture by just scanning it through OCR based attendance system by inserting the image of the roll numbers with the status of the students from anyplace with an Internet connection - your home, office, or anywhere else.


dsc_4368 dsc_4359
dsc_4372 dsc_4367


RK Lions

Project Title: Smart Wheelchair Control Through Android Phone

This project Smart wheel chair controlled through Android Phone especially designed to control a wheelchair using the android device. The objective of this project is to facilitate the movement of people who are disabling or handicapped and elderly people who are not able to move well. The result of this design will allow certain people to live a life with less dependence on others.


In the end, I want to Thank all the teams for exhibiting great energy and competitiveness during Imagine Cup 2017 National Finals Evaluations. You make us all proud. 🙂

P.S. Note that a few of the National Finals competing teams didn't confirm or allow us to feature their projects or pictures so they are not found in above list.

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