Microsoft Imagine Cup 2016 – National Winners Pakistan

This blog post is to conclude a year long journey of Microsoft Imagine Cup 2016 drive that resulted in 100+ projects competing from 43 universities and 13 cities of Pakistan. Before I declare the winning teams from each competing category and the National Winners of Pakistan for Microsoft Imagine Cup 2016, I would like to mention my gratitude to Higher Education Commission (HEC) for their support in making this competition a success.

HEC & Microsoft Picture

Here's a recap of the evaluation and national finals awards ceremony,

National Finals Evaluation

On 18th April evening, our esteemed judges joined us at Microsoft Innovation Center, Lahore to evaluate regional final winning projects. We witnessed the display of professional brilliance as healthy discussions took place between the judges and competing teams to evaluate the business and technical strengths of the projects. Here’s a group photo of our judges (left-to-right) from Imagine Cup 2016 National Finals evaluation.


  • Mr. Riaz Javed Butt from Ovex Technologies
  • Mr. Salman Sami from Logic Matrix Technologies
  • Dr. Aksam Iftikhar from CS Department COMSATS
  • Mr. Adnan Amin from FMT Consultants
  • Mr. Hamza Anjum from SoloInsight
  • Mr. Saad Mahmood from Systems Limited

National Finals Ceremony

The National Final’s awards ceremony was held at HEC Auditorium in Islamabad.

The regional final’s competing projects were showcased right outside the auditorium and guests took great interest in them.

We formally began with Tilawat-e-Quran by Mr. Abdul Wahab Najam.

Abdul Wahab

The country manager Pakistan for Microsoft, Mr. Nadeem Malik provided an overview of how Microsoft is investing in the education landscape of Pakistan at various levels.

I then took the stage to speak about the statistics from our drive of Microsoft Imagine Cup 2016.

The ceremony included a short speech by Executive Director - Higher Education Commission, Dr. Arshad Ali who discussed the collaboration between HEC and Microsoft and its healthy impacts on the academic landscape of Pakistan.

The stage was then taken by the competing teams to showcase their brilliant ideas to the audience and gained a great round of applause.

We concluded with the winning team announcement and shields distribution.

Sheilds Picture

National Final Category Winning Teams

Congratulations to the following teams that were declared Microsoft Imagine Cup 2016 winners in their respective categories. The winning teams from each category will represent Pakistan during Imagine Cup 2016 World Semifinals.

Team Name Members Category
Analyst Roger Nazir, Usman Khan World Citizenship
Shining SUN Nida Karim, Sohaib Hanif, Umair Ullah Innovation
Dextrous Infinity Kasra Zunnaiyyer Games


InToIt by Dextrous Infinity – Games Category Winner

The team consists of only one member, Kasra Zunnaiyyer from Karachi University. "Intoit" is a game for Windows that supports the future technology that is “Oculus Rift (Virtual Reality)”. This game gives an ultimate experience of adventure.

The game “iNTOiT” revolves around two brothers “Kaptin” and “Hamm” who get stuck up inside of a computer game and now they have to traverse through different levels to the control room in order to escape, but there is a twist; in future levels, the elder brother “Kaptin” is possessed by the A.I System and in the final level 'Hamm' has to face his own brother inside the control room.

Wearable Environmental Detector by Shining SUN – Innovation Category Winner

Wearable environmental detector is an automated wearable on top of an Arduino Nano that senses air quality and displays charts on Windows & Android apps. The app makes use of Microsoft Azure for storage and processing of data. The solution is built by the students; Nida Karim, Sohaib Hanif & Muhammad Umairullah from COMSATS, Sahiwal.

Customer Analyzer by Analyst – World Citizenship Category Winner

Using a camera placed on a shopping mall or cinema exit, the system built by the team from National University of Computer & Engineering Sciences NUCES – FAST automatically analyzes the human faces and creates sophisticated reports using mood and expression recorded. The generated reports are meant to be utilized in marketing campaigns and brands positioning.

I would like to conclude this blog post with a gratitude to our volunteers who made this national finals ceremony a success.


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