Microsoft Student Partner launches to help broken down cars on the road

Not long ago, on a rather less busy road of Karachi, Pakistan a car jammed with 3 kids and ladies while returning home from a marriage ceremony. The night was dark and there was nobody to help the troubled family.

That episode lead Nabeel Mukhtar, our Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) from Institute of Business & Technology, Karachi to launch the service is car fixing service at any location of Karachi, with 300 franchises and 632 mechanics aboard. At the time of this writing, the platform is providing car repair, oil change and diagnosis service via phone calls (03-1111-34937) though intending to automate the process through smartphone apps. also caters rent-a-mechanic service, which lets you get your vehicle inspected at your doorstep. is powered by Microsoft BizSpark and is currently using Microsoft's Azure for developing, managing, and hosting applications off-site. SQL Azure provides organizations with all the benefits of an enterprise-class data center without the hassle, headaches, and cost of maintaining such an entity. is getting high availability and reliability with redundant copies of data and automatic failover without worrying about the backing data.

Because Microsoft Azure uses the same familiar tools and technologies as other Microsoft platforms, is taking advantage of the well-established support structure within Microsoft and company-provided resources, such as TechNet and MSDN, along with the huge ecosystem of Microsoft developers outside the company.

Comments (3)

  1. Naqash Ahmed says:

    That is really wonderful to see Nabeel, my friend and my fellow in university accomplishing such great aims. We have been working together in other projects and gave training together many times. Goodluck champ! Proud moment!

    1. I just want to say how grateful I am that you are my friend. Your guidance and support has been amazing! Thank you for helping me improve.

  2. Great work Nabeel. Pleasure to meet you today. Keep it up the spirit, for an entrepreneur – self belief and perseverance is key to success and I’ve found out both qualities in you. Lets connect once again to make this big and impactful for community. All the best once again!

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