Are you a Technology Expert/Speaker? Join Microsoft Pakistan Elite Community Speakers Group!

Just in case you’ve not known, Microsoft has two Innovation Centers (MICs) in Pakistan; in Lahore & Karachi respectively. Microsoft Innovation Centers (MICs) are meant for the community and offer a wide variety of programs. At the time of this writing, all of our programs and offerings are absolutely FREE.

Both Innovation Centers offer state of the art labs where we actively hold sessions, workshops, hands on labs and boot camps for the industry on a wide range of technologies, platforms and tools; from building Universal Windows Platform to SQL Server to Microsoft Dynamics to offerings of Microsoft Azure for Open Source community, sky is the limit. These advanced trainings are delivered not only by Microsoft Technology experts, but to honor the community and empower the local IT ecosystem, we facilitate and appreciate community professionals to come, join our Elite Community Speakers Group and share their knowledge with others using platform provided by Microsoft.

We work very closely with our key community speakers on drafting agenda for their workshops, prepare invites, reserve labs, drive registrations and provide social media coverage, everything at Zero cost. Not only that, we recognize the Elite Community Speakers in our community meetups and help them in building portfolio that helps them land better jobs in future while aligning them with Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) program, if they desire.


The Elite Community Speakers group is shaping up a better and well interconnected IT ecosystem of Pakistan. So why wait, if technology is your passion, you've more than 5 years of industry experience and you want to volunteer your expertise, simply drop me an email at v-usrehm [at] with a brief of your technical strengths and I’ll get back to you given your portfolio meets our required expertise. As of now, we’re actively seeking speakers in following areas,

  • Microsoft Azure

  • Universal Windows (UWP) Platform

  • Any other Product Group or Technology, Please mention in your email

Comments (6)
  1. Umair says:

    Any one can join?

  2. Arsal says:

    How to join?

  3. Nauman Muzammal says:

    Sir! is that necessary to have 5 years of experience???

  4. @Umair, anyone with 5 years or more experience should send his nominee and we'll contact the individuals who're performing best.

  5. @Arsal

    The process of joining is listed within the blog post. 🙂

  6. @Nauman Muzammal.

    Since this is the elite community group, we are looking forward for professionals with sound industry experience and share their vast knowledge with others, we have put the filter of 5 years. However some technologies aren't that old, as it is the case with UWP. You are still encouraged to apply however our technical team will take decision in this regard.

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