Microsoft Student partner (MSP) Academic Year 2015 – 2016 Applicants Statistics – Pakistan

Our call of applicants for Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) academic year 2015 – 2016 had a tremendous coverage as we received more than 500 applications across Universities of Pakistan. While our education and DX teams at Lahore, Karachi & Islamabad are interviewing the MSPs, we came up with this infographic to share various attributes of the applicants. I'm personally happy to see the ratio of girls stepping forward to play their part of the play in technology space and I hope this participation improves further in years to come. Given time permits, we’ll redo the infographic after the interviewing process with additional details of applicants from various Universities.

Please note that few normalization are made in the infographic for simplicity of purpose or subject to unavailability of data.

Comments (11)

  1. Benjamin says:

    Good job

  2. Muhammad Abdullah says:

    Hi,i did't find an email regarding for an interview ,i am in 6th semester ,is this means that i am rejected or there is some hope

  3. @Muhammad Abdullah you are not shortlisted.

  4. Muhammad Abdullah says:

    Any reason for rejection?

  5. Raju Kumar says:

    Now the next session will be held to apply for the msp?

  6. Hamza Ibrahim says:

    I want work with microsoft corporation as i have such developing software skills. I have recently built normal working windows on Turbo- C++ that works like normal windows . can you please gude me how can I share my windows to microsoft centre.

    I am waiting for your regardness..

    thank you…

  7. Sidra says:

    can you please please tell me how can i be a part of this programm..?

    1. Please keep following this blog to be notified about the next call for applicants for MSP program.

  8. Sidra says:

    inform me here
    thank you v much.

  9. eman says:

    Hey can you please tell me how to apply for the microsoft student parter… email me at waiting for your reply. thanks

    1. Please keep following this blog to be notified about the next call for applicants for MSP program.

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