Microsoft Student Partner Opportunity – Academic Year 2015-2016

Microsoft Pakistan Liaison Office is looking for the right candidate for MSPs for the coming Academic year.

Interested students can email us your CVs at by Sunday, 9th August 2015.

Please read the following before you apply:

1) While Applying, The Subject line of the email should be as follows:
“[University Name-Discipline-Semester-Region] First Name Last Name”
Example, a sample subject line can be:
[NUST SEECS-Software Engineering-5th- North] Muhammad Sohaib
Or it can also be:
[SZABIST-BBA-6th- South] Muhammad Sohaib

Regions are defined as below: 
North Region: Parts of Pakistan above/North of Gujrat
Center Region: Parts of Pakistan starting from Gujrat to Sialkot, Multan, Bahwalpur etc. 
South Region: Parts of Pakistan including Balochistan & Sindh. 

Applications received without the aforementioned subject will not be entertained.

2) For those pursuing Bachelor Degree the criteria is:
a) You have at least completed your 3rd Semester
b) You have at least 2 semesters to go before the end of your Degree.

3) For those pursuing Master Degree the criteria is:
a) You have at least 2 semesters to go before the end of your Degree.

4) If possible, your Faculty (Preferably Head of Department) is aware that you are applying for Microsoft Student Partner. Faculty Endorsement will definitely add to your chances of getting selected.

Important Note: Microsoft is also encouraging Students from Non- IT / Computer Science disciplines to apply for Microsoft Student Partner Program so those of you who are pursuing Arts, Business, Social, Medical and Non Engineering subjects are also welcome & encouraged to apply.

1) What happens after I submit my CV?
A: You will get an email indicating if you have been shortlisted for an interview. The Interview time, date & location will be mentioned in the email. It will also mention how to prepare for the interview. 🙂 
2) How do you select individuals? 
A: We are looking for highly self-motivated individuals who can take initiatives themselves. Honestly though, you just have to sell yourself to us. 
Please do not email your CVs more than once. The announcement for final shortlisted students will be done after the deadline passes. All shortlisted students will be emailed for the interview.
We wish you best of luck, and hope to have you with us for the next academic year!

Comments (55)
  1. Abdul Rasheed says:

    was impatiently waiting for this 🙂

  2. finaly my wait is over  , 😀

  3. adnan says:

    Can 2nd semester student apply ?

  4. Mohsin says:

    i accidentally missed bracket in subject while sending email. Should i resend with correct Subject?

    Please Reply Fast.


  5. Adnan, No a second semester student can not apply.

    Mohsin, It is fine, it will not be an issue.

  6. Ali says:

    I am from Gujranwala i am eligible for this program or not?

  7. Usama Mustafa says:

    @Ali you are eligible to apply from your HEC recognized university.

  8. Hamed says:

    Lahore in which region?

    And please explain what type of work we have to do there

  9. Ahsan says:

    Lahore wale apply kr skte hein ?

  10. Mohsin says:

    Thank you Mr M. Sohaib Safdar!

  11. yasir says:

    i am studying msc public policy from bzu multan..may i apply??

  12. javed khan says:

    Sir tell that the province of  Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa is included in these region or its only for pujAB,SINDH AND BALOCHISTAN.?


  13. Sir I recently passed out my 6th semester and 7th semester will start from September, Can I apply?

  14. Murtaza says:

    I am doing bs(cs) 4-yr from affiliated college with University of Punjab, lahore. Currently in 3rd year. Can i apply for MIC-LAHORE? @SohaibSafdar

  15. Ehsan says:

    last date to apply was july 15 ??? am i right…/microsoftstudentpartners.aspx

  16. Zaeem Ul Haq says:

    can 3rd semester student apply.?

  17. Zaeem Ul Haq says:

    can 3rd semester student apply….?

  18. maham ihsan says:

    What is the procedure for recommendation from head of department?

  19. Faizan Ahmad says:

    I am currently In my 3rd semester, can I apply for this program?

  20. Maham ihsan: It will be great if you discuss it with your HOD before applying

  21. Faizan Ahmed: you can only apply if you have cleared your 3rd semester.

  22. Faraz Taha says:

    Zaeem Ul Haq contact with MIC (Microsoft Innovation Center of Lahore) they will help you in this or you can also contact with you Head of Depart as well.

  23. @Hamed: Lahore is in Center Region.

    @yasir: Yes you can apply if you met the above conditions.

    @javed khan: Yes KPK students can also apply.

    @UmerFarooqOfficial: Yes you are eligible to apply.

    @Murtaza: Yes you can apply if you met the above conditions.

    @Zaeem Ul Haq, Faizah Ahmad: No, 3rd semester students cannot apply. You should passed 3rd semester to be eligible.

  24. Ali Haider says:

    Thanks Sir

  25. Wamiq says:

    Can we submit on Sunday?

  26. Wamiq, No. The deadline is clearly mentioned.

  27. Wamiq says:

    Technically, by = not later than. Which should mean emails can be accepted on Sunday as well. The correct term is "before" Sunday…

  28. ARSLAN says:

    When e-mail for interview will  be received?

  29. HeyAK says:

    Hello 🙂

    1) I found out about this at 1 AM in the morning. I just send out my CV to the address right now i.e. 5 AM of 9th August.  

    Will it be considered?

    2) If yes, when can we expect a word out of this?

    Thank you so much.

  30. usman says:

    Wamiq, then why did You have to ask? Please go ahead and submit.

  31. @HeyAK: Yes it will be considered. Stay tuned and check your email regularly. 🙂

  32. Gull says:

    What a student partner is supposed to do?

    I am afraid that it might disturb my studies.

    I want to apply and do fulfill the criteria.

    plz help

  33. HeyAK says:

    Can anyone please update that till when can we expect a response if we get selected?

  34. umair says:

    Dear I came to know that last date to apply is 15 august.. kindly confirm and assist me further.

  35. Abdullah says:

    I thought that we have to mention the region for our home address not university address so i have mentionted south instead of north frown emoticon what can I do now ?? May I email at ?? Plese relpy asap

  36. waqas ali says:

    Will emails sent in sunday evening be considered acceptable on Aug 9

  37. Usman says:

    how to prepare Interview?

  38. Muhammad Awais says:

    Sir I wrote South instead of North in the email what should I do now kindly help me.

  39. Talha Naveed Ghauri says:

    @Muhammad Awais: Please mention your email address so that we can look it up

  40. mujahidnazir 17 Aug 2015 14:25 pm says:

    my e-mail I'd :

  41. Jia says:

    How many candidates are usually selected from each university? Can I know how many students from University of Sargodha jave been shortlisted and will be selected? Because two students can work better together compared to one person alone in a university. Can you check it and reply please?

  42. J.S says:

    What is the interview for MSP like? Anyone who has been an MSP or knows one can help

  43. The Interviews for MSPs are pretty straight forward; and i am not going to spoil it; just going to say that the FAQ part of the email will help you prepare for the interview hopefully.

  44. Muhammad Awais says:

    @Talha Naveed Ghauri

    my email address is

    Thanks 🙂

  45. Muhammad Awais says:

    Sir can you help me out???

    I am running out of time kindly .. Thanks

  46. Muhammad Awais says:

    Sir can you help me out???

    I am running out of time kindly .. Thanks

  47. Shaheryar says:

    sir is this internship program or anyother ?

  48. Arslan Ashraf says:

    AOA sir i can complet BSC computer system engineering and take admision in MS(applied),can i apply?

  49. Abdullah Sohrab says:

    When can we expect the final selections?

  50. SAIF says:

    I am now in my third semester, after completing it can I apply, and at what time?

  51. Bilawal Ali says:

    hello i wanna be a MSP how can i apply now ? can i do it any time or i have to wait for next session ? if i have to wait then please mention the date of its next session .

    thanks .

  52. Raj says:

    Sir when will be the next session held i really want to apply for that

  53. Ali Hassan Qureshi says:

    Please mention the criteria(except 3rd Semester) that who can apply for MSP. Also the skills any candidate should have.

  54. Iqra Jabbar says:

    i apply for thisinstitute i am the student of BSCS in first semester please give me one chance

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