ITCN 2014 Windows Phone Hackathon powered by Microsoft [Video]

A few months back we announced ITCN hackathon for Windows Phone powered by Microsoft. Today we’re going to cover the hackathon as it was held, speak about the activities that happened during the hackathon with corresponding video and closing ceremony highlights from the event.


  • Hackathon started with a kick off ceremony by Microsoft Innovation Center, Karachi Lead, Muhammad Umar, in which we welcome the audience and thanked them for the over whelming response, we also briefed them about the Hackathon Theme, Incentives for participants (Azure Passes, Telerik & Infragistics code), evaluation criteria, prizes and sporadic technical sessions for 3 days.
  • We welcome few guests from Quetta, Turbat, AJK & Lahore which travelled all the way along for this hackathon.
  • Participants started working on their app while our mentors & volunteers were assisting them in technical & logistics issue.
  • We organized 2 quiz sessions at that day in which we distributed Microsoft T-Shirts & Mugs to those who answered our questions correctly.

  • Day 2 started with a visit of faculties from different universities of Sindh including SSUET, Sindh University, NED, Bahria where they witnessed the healthy event & enthusiasm of audience towards the mobile app development.
  • Mr. Azhar Rizvi ( Chairman of Standee on Innovation & Entrepreneurship ) visited the venue and talked to each & every team of hackathon and discussed their ideas and potential business plans with them.
  • Capt. Mohsin Hayat Mali (Director Bahria University) visited and witnessed the healthy event and shared his views with Microsoft team.
  • The event was covered by different media channels & bloggers.
  • 1 Quiz competition was held at that day.


  • Day 3 was the app submission day on which every team was rushing to complete their app and to submit it before the deadline.
  • Mr. Athar Kaludi gave a sessions on Innovation of Mobile technologies & integration with Arduino platform to the audience.
  • Mr. Tahir Masood addressed the audience with a general speech.
  • Different Microsoft team members were present at that day to help participants in their app quality including Syed Abdul Basit, Usama Mustafa, Tahir Masood, Haseeb Shaukat etc.
  • The submission was closed at 5 PM and after that initial judging was started.

Evaluation Round 2:

  • After initial judgment at the third day of hackhon, we invited shortlisted teams of round 2 to visit MIC On Wed 3rd Sept to present a live demo of their app. Few teams presented remotely (outside khi)
  • The judgment panel includes Imran Ali (Manager BIC, Bahria Uni), Muhammad Umer, Syed Abdul Basit & Usama Mustafa (Microsoft)

Closing Ceremony:

  • On Tuesday 9th Sept, we organized the closing ceremony of this hackathon in which Capt Mohsin Hayat Mali (Director Bahria University) was invited as the chief guest.
  • Prize Distribution took place by the hands of chief guest.
  • Microsoft distributed USB’s to each & every attendee of the closing ceremony as the token of appreciation.
  • Microsoft introduced DVLUP platform to the participants.
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