Microsoft Student Partners Orientation for North Region at HEC, Islamabad

Recently, we announced the orientation for Microsoft Student Partners at Lahore. Fast forward 2 weeks and we have another orientation that took place in Islamabad, the highlight being the announcement of newly inducted Student Partners from the North Region.

The statistics, for the North region Interviews and final induction are given below:

247 Applicants 

42 Different Universities

148 Interviews 






Male to Female Ratio




MSPs Inducted representing 24 Universities

30 Male & 18 Female MSPs

The recruitment process, which kicked off with this post, was the same for each applicant coming from a technical background; the applicant was asked to demonstrate two major skills, Programming in C# and HTML, and Communication skills. Each applicant was given a time of 30 days to complete couple of assigned tasks, where the Student was asked to do the following:

  1. Develop and work on a Windows 8 or Windows Phone application, no matter how basic. This demonstrates a person's technical knowledge.
  2. Choose  and present a topic of your own choice around Microsoft Technologies. This demonstrates a person's presentation skill. 
The brilliant response of the applicants here can be highlighted by the fact that most of the students, while having the option for an online interview and presentation, opted to travel to our office. 

A new student partner, when taken aboard, is taken through a series of Training sessions wherein they are given basic information on how to proceed further with the academic year, their role in effectively communicating the part Higher Education Commission is playing in the current education landscape of Pakistan, and being an Ambassador of Microsoft, they are given a roundup of all current technologies under Microsoft umbrella.

Upon completion of the recruitment process in Islamabad, Microsoft held an introductory Orientation session for the all MSPs in the North region at HEC Islamabad. This session was held on 16th September, 2014, and was attended by 43 Student Partners. The session that lasted for about two hours, was kicked off with a brief introduction of each MSP and their respective universities. Tahir Masood (DX Lead, Microsoft) lead the proceedings thereafter, first welcoming and congratulating the newly inducted MSPs for remaining steadfast throughout the lengthy process and eventually, coming out on top among other applicants. He highlighted the role Higher Education Commission is playing in the Industry Academia Space in Pakistan, by sharing some of the statistics from the past three years of HEC-Microsoft Collaboration. 

Tahir ended his discussion with a brief overview of the evaluation process, the MSP Community initiative which will kick off in six cities throughout Pakistan, and introduced the Red Card which created quite a buzz among the MSPs, given to each MSP Lead heading their respective community. More on that particular aspect in later posts. 

Usman Ur Rehman Ahmed (Audience Marketing Manager, Microsoft) took over the discussion from Tahir and introduced the technical aspect of being an MSP, briefly touched on Microsoft Virtual Academy, and the ethical duty of an MSP to spread his or her technology understanding among peers. The climax of the whole session was, ultimately, at the end of the lecture when each new MSP got their MSP ID Cards. 

The orientation ceremony is followed by training sessions on technologies. These sessions are built to equip the students with in depth knowledge on the technologies available.

The whole recruitment process and the orientation process, was conducted and completed by Usman Ur Rehman Ahmed and Muhammad Sohaib, Microsoft Islamabad. 





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  1. Hassan Ahmad Khan says:

    Very healthy event I also got my msp card and I am very happy thanks Microsoft.

  2. Great and very motivative event it was. I welcome all New MSPs to the family! 🙂

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