ITCN 2014 Windows Phone Hackathon powered by Microsoft

ITCN 2014 is around the corner and Microsoft will be organizing a 3 day long Windows Phone Hackathon starting 26th Aug on the date of ITCN Asia. The hackathon is open for startups, students and professional developers to come and hack for Windows Phone and win cool Windows Phone devices.

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Prizes: We'll be awarding 20 High-end Windows Phone Devices 🙂

- Prizes will be given to Winning & Runner Up teams in each category.


Build for Better Pakistan
All those applications which have localized content, are specific to Pakistan, solve a local problem or portray a better image of our country.

All games built on Windows Phone using Xaml, DirectX, Unity3d, Game Maker etc.

Kids & Education:
Applications around books, references, including religious apps, quiz, tests, learning, etc.

Lifestyle & Food
Apps built for fashion, culture, cuisine, restaurants, food finders, food reviewers, etc.

News & Weather
Self explanatory

Prize Distribution per Category

Build for better Pakistan
- Winner =  1320 x 2*
- Runner Up = 630 x 2*

- Winner = 1520 x 2*
- Runner Up = 630 x 2*

Kids & Education
- Winner = 1020 X 2*
- Runner Up = 630 x 2*

Lifestyle & Food
- Winner = 820 x 2*
- Runner Up =  630 x 2*

News & Weather
- Winner = 1320 x 2*
- Runner Up = 625 x 2*

* Devices will be given relative to team size. If a team consist of an individual, one Windows Phone device will be given. If it consists of two members, both members will be given category relative Windows Phone device.

About Event

Date: 26th - 28thAugust (10:00 AM - 5:00 PM every day)

- Note that Lunch will be served all three days of the hackathon.

- Small technical/awareness sessions around Microsoft technologies will be held during the event which are open for anyone to join in.

- Quiz competition at random where goodies will be awarded.


ITCN Windows Phone Hackathon will be held at Hall II, Mezzanine Floor, Expo Center, Karachi. In case of a change of venue, it will be reflected on the very page.


Question: Who can participate in the hackahton?

There is no restriction of age or profession. If you love to develop innovative solutions, join in whether you're a student, teacher or a professional from any discipline. 

Question: What's the maximum team size?

A team can consist of an individual or maximum of two personals.

Question: Is there a rule to be followed for formation of team?

Formation of team is your personal choice. It may consist of both students, both professionals, a professional and a student or teacher.

Question: Can team members be from different university/institution?

Yes, same team members can be from the same or different university/institution/organization

Question: Can a member be part of more than one teams?

No, one person can be part of at max one team.

Question: Can a team work on multiple apps/ideas?

Yes, a team can work on as many apps in either category.

Question: Can an app be submitted in more than one category?

No, an app must be submitted in one particular category. This will ensure quality of work.

Question: When can we start development?

You can start building your app/s NOW but don't forget to get registered at,

Question: Can we change team formation after registration?

Replacement or change of any participant of a team is not allowed after registration however if team consists of two personals and one is not able to make it to the hackathon, please bring it in knowledge of Microsoft mentors at the venue and they'll be the final authority to conclude per case basis.

Question: What's the evaluation criterion?

The evaluation criterion may be disclosed during the hackathon so reach out to Microsoft mentors at the venue.

Question: Will the relevant tools be made available during the hackathon?

Bring your own PC/laptop having the tools/SDK or we will provide you all the tools to build apps. You can also get the tools/SDK from Microsoft Innovation Center, Karachi by personally visiting there.

Following tools will be available.

  • Windows 8.1 (90 day trail)
  • Visual Studio 2013
  • Windows Azure SDK 2.2.
  • Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools

Note that Windows Phone emulator requires your machines/laptops to be Hyper-V enabled. To ensure that you meet the requirements, please visit this

Question: Will I have internet connectivity at the venue?

Yes, however to ensure proper uptime, it is strongly suggested to bring your own Wifi connectivity (EVDO, Wingle, pocket modem, etc.) alongside.

Question: Will I have to be physically present in the event or can I participate virtually by emailing the XAP package?

At-least one member of the team needs to be physically present at the venue (Karachi) at beginning and closure.

Question: Will accommodation or any other facility be provided to individuals from outside Karachi?

NO. If you wish to join, accommodation, meal, travel or other expenses are to be catered by yourself.

Question: How long will the registration be open?

Registrations will be open till 28th August.

Question: When will the winners be announced?

Winners and runner ups will be announced during closure ceremony on 28th August.

Question: Will test devices be available during the event?

Yes, in the apps showcasing area, we'll have Windows Phone devices that can be used for testing purposes with proper permission of mentors.

Please Note,

- Due to limited seats, first 200 registrants will be adjusted.

- Windows Phone emulator requires your machines/laptops to be Hyper-V enabled. To ensure that you meet the requirements, please visit this

For any outstanding queries please leave a comment on this post or drop an email at


- Microsoft & ITCN reserves unchallengeable rights to modify above rules or cancel any team registration at any time without providing clarification.
- Selection of winning apps will be solely discretion of Microsoft
- Official Terms & Conditions are attached at the end of this blog post & by registering, you agree to abide by the T&C of this competition as mentioned in the attached document.


Comments (24)

  1. Zohaib Abid says:

    Come on karachites, Rock on B|

  2. sumra khan says:

    what about certificate?

  3. Farhad says:

    Organize such events in Islamabad also please !!!

  4. Usman Ur Rehman Ahmed says:

    Farhad, some events are local to the location. We keep on holding events like these in Lahore and Islamabad as well. A recent one was Apportunity that closed on 15th August,…/apportunity-2014-powered-by-microsoft.aspx

  5. think about this, " at-least one member of the team needs to be physically present at the venue (Karachi) at beginning and closure", waiting for this change 🙂

  6. Usman Ur Rehman Ahmed says:

    Abdulrehman, what change are you seeking? It is mentioned in clear that at-least one member must be present at the venue. 🙂

  7. Usman Ur Rehman Ahmed says:

    @Sumra khan, as per now, we don't intend to distribute any certificates however if a change occurs, it will be rightly reflected.

  8. Saleem says:

    I Guess You Should Increase The Team Member tO 3.. Somehow It Is Good

  9. Usman Ur Rehman Ahmed says:

    Saleem, A team size of two is well thought of and will remain to be the same. However thank You for the suggestion.

  10. Anas Chishti says:

    Hi! I want to confirm that is there any restrictions of tools or languages for development?

  11. Asfandyar Khan says:

    Assalam o alikm where the hackathon will be at?????


  12. Thanks sir Usman Ur Rehman Ahmed,

    @Anas i think no restrictions of tools and languages but devp for Windows Phone.

    @Asfandayar Venue ITCN Windows Phone Hackathon will be held at Hall II, Mezzanine Floor, Expo Center, Karachi.

  13. Mir Imad says:

    Can we work on multiple apps (by that I mean apps for different categories) ?

  14. Usman Ur Rehman Ahmed says:

    Mir Imad, as a best practice, I strongly suggest you to read FAQs prior raising questions however this has already answered in the FAQs please, 🙂

    Question: Can a team work on multiple apps/ideas?

    Yes, a team can work on as many apps in either category.

  15. Danish says:


    Nice to hear about the event, this can be very interesting, I was wondering about the evaluation criteria. If you can let us know the critera, for e.g. what are you focusing on, what part contains more marks, it will be easier for us to select our team members acc to that. This will also help to produce quality ideas and apps.


  16. Mutahir says:


    I would rather prefer to know whether the prizes will be distributed on 28th August that is the closing ceremony or whether there will be about 4 months or more delay like for the previous Hackathon …


  17. Usman Ur Rehman Ahmed says:

    Danish, you've already been answered by Muhammad Umer from Microsoft Innovation Center, Karachi in an email however for reference purposes, here's how we see it,

    "We will be evaluating apps based on their quality, dataset and UI however the complete evaluation criteria will be shared with all participants at the day of Hackathon."

  18. Arsalan says:

    Hello Assalam U Alaikum,

    I registered For Hackathon as a single participant can i add One Member In my team..


  19. lotus says:

    Excited for this competition

  20. Syed Tanzil Ur Rehman says:

    Anyone without developing app can register or can we join this as a training or it is an exhibition or anything else ??

    Tell me ..!!

  21. Hunter says:

    i want to  change my app category, and may i develop more than one applications in different categories ??

  22. Babar says:

    Why No Events in Peshawar??

  23. Ghulam Mustafa (Raza Baloch) says:

    I have not received the confirmation email, so am I rejected? Or could I still join the event? Other than that you have mentioned that first 200 registrants will be adjusted, so what about those who register between 26-28th of August, as you stated about the last date for registration that 28th August.

  24. Kamal Gaba says:

    Really! It very supeb.

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