Meet Mariam Sanaullah, Girl behind My Collage App for Windows Store

Here's an inspiring and refreshing story of Mariam Sanaullah in her own words entailing how she earned above 800 £ in less than three months through one Windows Store app,


After graduating in computer science from Forman Christian College Lahore in 2012, I was looking for some job; I started working in an Ngo as graphic designer at 25K per month. Though that NGO was good but I always wanted to work in a technology /technological environment/Software house, where my computer programming skills could be polished.

In Oct 2013 I came to know about this internship program at Microsoft Innovation Center, Lahore. I applied for that and was invited for an interview. During interview sir Awais told me that it’s going to be an unpaid internship of three months. Are you going to leave your 25K salary for this unpaid one? I replied that I want to learn, money doesn't matter. I joined MIC Lahore in Nov 2013 and started developing a photo cards application (My Collage) for windows store, I worked hard for three months developing this photo cards app and I asked MIC Lahore to upload it.

On the very first day my app got 1500 downloads. Within three months it reached 50,000 downloads. Then sir Usman asked me why not you put ads in your app and make money, so I made an update of the application with the pub center ad integration. I have earned 800 £ within three months and downloads have reached 86 K and counting.

I wanted to study further but I was worried for my study expenses but I don’t have to worry about it anymore .By the grace of God I have been selected in MS INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES IN EDUCATION at School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, NUST Islamabad. And now I can pay my fees by these earnings from my application (My Collage)

MIC Lahore is a place where you get appreciation even for a very little effort of yours. There is a charm in this place, a motivational learning environment. Once you come here you never want to leave this place but every journey has its end. During my journey at MIC Lahore I have learned and gained a lot. I’m very thankful to all the Gurus here who always motivated me and helped me learning new things.

Here are few snapshots of the app.

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Comments (27)

  1. Hafiz Faraz Mukhtar says:

    Mariam is very good girl. Wish her more success.

  2. Zeba Lodhi says:

    She is indeed a true inspiration. Good Luck!

  3. Irum Saeed says:

    Awesome. Good Luck!

  4. Aiman Javaid says:

    Wish her good luck !!!

  5. Nida Tajammal says:

    Best of luck ….:)

  6. Congratulations…. keep it up

  7. Joel Peter says:

    Good Work Done.. May you excel more 😀

  8. M M Ali says:

    Impresive Work Dear Formanite Lady 🙂

  9. Sana Jennifer says:

    congratulations Mariam Sanaullah , I please to know ur hard work  keep the good work up .

  10. Shoaib Barket says:

    Congratulation Mariam, God Bless U abundantly ..

  11. Ruth Gill says:

    Awesome yaara! I am really happy for you. God bless you abundantly, keep it up.

  12. Sam says:

    Inspiration for youngsters


  13. Reema John says:

    awsum yara stay blessed 🙂

  14. Rizelense says:

    I guess em a Better Developer than her.. Anyways Good wishes for her, carry on and to get expertise in this field

  15. Ahmed Khateeb says:

    MashaAllah, Keep rocking !!!

  16. Numan Sheikh says:

    Keep it up Mariam. Great work !!!

  17. MashaAllah, a star from.the galaxy of Microsoft Innovation Center Lahore interns. May God bless you with more success.

  18. AK says:

    Could someone please guide me on how i could incorporate adds to a windows store app ? Pakistan isn't a supported payout region at the pubCenter so what would be the work around ? Thanks.

  19. hassan ahmad khan says:

    very inspiring story keep it up.

  20. Fahad Arshad says:

    Truly an inspiration for me.

  21. Ghalib Mirza says:

    @Fahad Arshad Indeed is..

  22. Muhammad Suffian says:

    wow ,Excellent really inspirational .Best wishes for more successes Mariam

  23. Sher Bahadur says:

    Well done!  Mariam Sanaullah!

  24. Hamza Iqbal says:

    Good job !

    This story got me motivated too.

  25. Ritma says:

    sky is the Limit for a brilliant girl like u Mariam !! much love xoxo

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