Microsoft Innovation Center (MIC) Karachi, Spring Internship Program 2014


Spring Internship Program 2014

Microsoft Innovation Center (MIC) Internship is a program initiated to unleash the potential of young minds, highlight their creativity, talent and build their skillset on the latest Microsoft Technologies. The program is designed in such a way that the student will not just be able to use his/her creativity but will also avail learning opportunities through Microsoft community experts and trainers.

The internship duration was from February 2014 till May 2014. In these four months, MIC team worked towards building the technical skill set of students on latest Microsoft technologies including Windows 8.1, Windows Phone & Microsoft Azure and provided continuous support to help them build their applications on our platform.

The summary of this internship program is given below.

Batch of

21 Interns 
from different universities.


30 quality apps
on Windows Store.

Jobs placement of

5 interns at

Different ISV’s.





14 apps on 
Windows Phone Store.

5 Azure apps 
powering client 


5000+ downloads and 50+ rating.

People Stories

Tahir’s superior problem solving skills and self-learning abilities made him the ideal candidate for the internship program.


He developed a game called “Finding Zemo” which received 3500+ downloads on Windows Store. Later on, Tahir acted as a mentor and departed his knowledge to his fellow interns and conducted several technical sessions.


Tahir is now employed at Arpatech Pvt Ltd as a “Software Engineer” & “Technology Trainer - Microsoft” at Aptech Institute.


Tahir Raees Alam

Software Engineer

Arpatech Pvt Ltd

Yemina Imam was a Microsoft Student partner at University of Karachi.

She is the best UI/UX developer in this internship batch. She developed a game called “Alpha Block”. Later on, Yemina acted as a mentor and departed her knowledge to her fellow interns and conducted several technical sessions at various occasions.


Yemina is now employed at Auriga Solutions as a “UI/UX Engineer”.


Yemina Imam

UI/UX Engineer

Auriga Solutions


Fabeha Malik is a Microsoft Student Partner at Bahria University Karachi Campus.

She developed an application called “Job Port”. She also delivered various sessions on Microsoft Platform.

Fabeha is now employed at Aptech as a “Technology Trainer - Microsoft”.


Saad Anees is a passionate game

Developer. During his internship, he has developed various games in which “Rolling Ball Begins” was on top of it. He received more

Than 10000 downloads from his application.
His main area of interest is Unity3D.


Fabeha Malik

Technology Trainer

Aptech Education

Saad Anees

Game Developer

Application Highlights


Air Force (PAF)



Logo Designer


Baseball Pro 


Finding Zemo

Rolling Ball Begins

Islam Inspire


Hangman Paper

Make Your Box



Microsoft Innovation Center – Karachi, Bahria University, 13 National Stadium Road, Karachi, Pakistan

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  1. ~~~^^ Karachi Cha gia ^^~~~

  2. Sameer Ahmed Khan says:

    This is probably one of the best productive internships with many quality apps out. Congratulations to all students, mentors and MIC Karachi team members for contributing and making this happen. 🙂

  3. Obaid Ali says:

    The game above mentioned is actually "Rolling Ball Begins" not "Rolling Ball". And its link is not working. And make its cover just like u made for Air Force (PAF)

  4. Ahmed Murtaza says:

    The portfolio seems incredible. Congratulations to all Interns and MIC team members for bringing up with such an amazing apps once again.

  5. Usman Ur Rehman Ahmed says:

    Obaid Ali, the link is updated. Thanks for highlighting and the pictures are arranged relative to a defined matric.

  6. arsalan says:

    How to apply for internship in MIC??

  7. Azhar says:

    I know Saad saeed personally, he is the man of innovation and creativity. There is big bright future ahead for him. Keep going Saad.

  8. Muhammad Naveed says:

    Good work

  9. Usman Ur Rehman Ahmed says:

    Arslan, I'm not sure if you are from which city however the internship posts are made on this very site. Just keep visiting us frequently.

  10. GOOD Work, Keep it up…

  11. urooj says:

    Great Work,i wanna be a part of it.

  12. Yousuf Alam says:

    looks great !!

  13. Syed Durrab Farooq says:

    Rolling Ball Begins is really an addictive game.

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