Microsoft Student Partner 2014 Opportunity – Deadlines & Selection Procedure

Become a Microsoft Student Partner

Come build your skills, ignite your career

The Microsoft Student Partner program
showcases students on
the rise and is for
students who realize the best technology
careers come to
those chase their dreams.


Microsoft Student Partners (MSPs) are social and friendly students who like to meet new people. MSPs are the game changers of the future. They think and act boldly.

 As an MSP you will:

  1. Build apps and demos
  2. Demonstrate the newest technologies and host tech events on your campus
  3. Acquire the tools and training to lead technology discussions on your campus
  4. Build your global network with industry experts
  5. Connect with like-minded students and faculty around the world
  6. Attend trainings from Microsoft leaders to enhance your knowledge about cutting edge technologies
  7. Be the one on your campus with insight and answers on Microsoft technologies


Microsoft Pakistan Liaison Office is looking for the right candidate for MSPs for the coming Academic year.


Interested students can email us your CVs at by 23rdJune, 2014.


Please read the following before you apply:

1) There can be a maximum of up to 4 (four) MSPs per university campus. However its Microsoft’s decision to decide on the number of MSPs and whether they wish to take anyone onboard from a University Campus.

2) For those pursuing Bachelor Degree the criteria is:

             a) You have at least completed your 4th Semester


             b) You have at least 2 semesters to go before the end of your Degree.

3) For those pursuing Master Degree the criteria is:

             a) You have at least 2 semesters to go before the end of your Degree.

4) If possible, your Faculty (Preferably Head of Department) is aware that you are applying for Microsoft Student  Partner.

5) While Applying, The Subject line of the email should be as follows:

                   “[University Name-Discipline-Semester] First Name Last Name

Example, a sample subject line can be:

[NUST SEECS-Software Engineering-5th] Muhammad Sohaib

or it can also be:

[SZABIST-BBA-6th] Muhammad Sohaib

Applications received without the aforementioned subject will not be entertained.


Important Note: Microsoft is also encouraging Students from Non- IT / Computer Science disciplines to apply for  Microsoft Student Partner Program so those of you who are pursuing Arts, Business, Social, Medical and Non Engineering subjects are also welcome & encouraged to apply.

We wish you best of luck, and hope to have you with us for the next academic year!


If you have any further queries, please contact Microsoft Office Islamabad at 051-2098187.

Please do not email your CVs more than once. The announcement for final shortlisted students will be done after the deadline passes. All shortlisted students will be emailed for the interview.


Comments (38)

  1. abdullah altaf says:

    Great 🙂

  2. Great Decisions :),

    thanks for posting

  3. Khawaja Ali says:

    Great 🙂

  4. BIlal says:

    i'm doing bs cs honr . i am in 2nd smester .

    can i apply …

  5. atif says:

    I have completed 2 semester in BS(CS). Can I apply?

  6. Abdul Salam says:

    I have completed my 3rd semester…

    May I Apply ??

  7. Owais says:

    7th Semester from Karachi

    Can I apply?

  8. waqas javed says:

    hy I want to apply but how can I apply.?

  9. hadya says:

    Great intiative from microsoft and hec to bring forward talented students from pakistan in technology arena 🙂

  10. Naseem Baloch says:

    i am doing my bsc..can i apply

  11. Neeloo says:

    Can i apply for this programme am now passed 7th semester…

  12. rashid says:

    i am now in 8th semester but viva of project will be atleast in january 2015. can i apply?

  13. Abdur Reeehman says:

    I have CGPA 3.3 in 4 semesters of BSIT  now I have to give papers of Uqe  of 2 years to HEC can I apply?

  14. Sunny Malik says:

    i am undergraduate… recently i done my bsc exams.. can i apply????

  15. hajra siddiqui says:

    and what about those who completed it graduation or still studying for 3 year like bcs ?

  16. hamza khattak says:

    I m finilizing my mba 3.5 leading to ms. Can I apply

  17. arsalan haider says:


    i am psychologist and want to apply can i do it ?? and completed Bs HONS  psychology in dec 2013.

  18. Hey Guys,

    To all those asking if they can apply: Please note that everyone can apply as long as they clear certain conditions mentioned in the article.

    IF you have Graduated already, you can not apply.

    If you are in the 7th or 8th Semester, you can not apply.

    If you are in the 2nd Semester, you can not apply.

    We encourage students from 4th Semster – 6th Semester to apply for MSP role. We can also entertain 3rd semester students based on availability.

  19. IF you are in Masters, you must have at least one Whole year remaining on your Degree.

    If you are medical student, or Arts or anything that doesn't fall under Technical category, you may still apply, as long as you follow the aforementioned guidelines.

    Before applying, make sure you go through the whole article, and follow instructions given especially the subject line, otherwise the application may be denied.

  20. mehal says:




    Plz tell me how many students from a campus can be MSP's in a year?

  22. Babar says:

    i completed my matriculation as a Professional Security Researcher

    how can i apply >?

  23. Assalam-u-Alaikum!

    Sir please confirm that those who are already MSPs and are not in 7th or 8th semester, need to apply again or they will remain MSPs for the next tenure?

    Please confirm asap.

    Kind Regards,

    Abdul Rehman Aftab.

    MSP COMSATS Islamabad

  24. SYED ALI HASSAN says:


    sir please confirm that I am doing Bs(software engineering) 4 years and i completed 3 semesters and doing summer semester  can i apply ??

  25. Adeel Suleman says:

    Sir , if i am in last semester , then can apply ?


    Walaikum Salam!

    Only those who completed atleast 4 semesters and left atleast 2 semesters can apply.

  27. @Adeel Suleman

    No, you can't apply as you do not meet the requirement that you have ATLEAST 2 semesters to go before the end of your degree.

  28. syed haider abbas says:

    at what date will you announce the name of selected students???

  29. Person with no luck says:

    How unfortunate! I missed the deadline. 🙁 Wish they had extended a day or two.

  30. Umair says:

    When will you announce the names of the selected students?

  31. Sarosh Madara says:

    if an student is in 2nd semester he could 'nt apply???

  32. Saboor Khan says:

    Sir, When Authorities would inform Selected Students

  33. Saboor Khan says:

    Sir, When authorities will inform selected Students ?

  34. S.H .Abbas says:


  35. Zohaib Masood says:


    Sir when will u announce the names of selected students?

  36. Hareem says:

    I got the interview email.

  37. @ Zohaib Masood, S.H. Abbas, Saboor Khan

    All the announcements have already been made regarding the induction.


    I don't understand what you meant by you got the interview email. Did you just get it, or did you just check your email? 🙂

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