2 months Internship opportunity at Microsoft Islamabad Office, batch 3

I’m excited to announce that Microsoft Islamabad office is about to start its 3rd batch of two months Internship Program. We’ll offer interns trainings, mentorship and support needed to learn, develop and publish their apps on Windows Store and Windows Phone using Universal apps concept powered by cloud.

Please note that students with developer account on Windows Store will have an extra advantage on others.

Attach the updated resume highlighting the development skills and brief about the idea you want to transform into reality.

Send your resume at msisb_interns@outlook.com no later than 22nd June, 2014. Shortlisted individuals will be contacted for interviews.

- For Further Details: Please visit Microsoft Islamabad office or contact 051-2098187.

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  1. irfan shah says:

    great chance for sharing your ideas with professionals

  2. Thanks, Best chance for us…

  3. Asfandyar Khan says:

    Assalam o alikm Usman  Bai We Want this opportunity for the university of Azad Jammu &  Kashmir

    Umer Siddique Lone & Asfandyar Khan

    Working with Microsoft

  4. Bring Back VB6 Programming says:

    Microsoft always let down their developers.

    The campaign for an updated VB6 programming language continues at:


  5. Usman Ur Rehman Ahmed says:

    Asfandyar Khan, it would be impossible for us to conduct such internships in farther regions for now. However you can always apply in Islamabad based internship please.

  6. Ali ahmed says:

    Sir Can you mention start date of this internship.?

  7. Usman Ur Rehman Ahmed says:

    Ali ahmed, it is not as yet finalized subject to Ramadan however you may apply and if you are shortlisted for, interview, further insight must be provided.

  8. Ali nawaz says:

    is it for non-technical students too from social sciences/business  side?

  9. Usman Ur Rehman Ahmed says:

    Ali Nawaz, individuals from social sciences/business are encouraged to apply if their respective app ideas are innovative and they are ready to go through the thorough learning curve.

  10. ali nawaz says:

    can elaborate on this usman?

    do you mean how to do marketing of the apps?

  11. ali nawaz says:

    can u elaborate on this usman?

  12. Usman Ur Rehman Ahmed says:

    Ali Nawaz, No, This internship is specifically about app development however as it is the case a social sciences or business student may have a brilliant app idea but may not have the skills to develop it. To ensure that any productive ideas from Pakistan are properly procured wasted, we encourage you to apply if you are willing to learn. This case however is very rare. If you think You've a genuinely innovative and brilliant idea, and you are all up to learn the technologies despite that it may not be your primary field, we say most welcome to review your application. Hope that helps?

  13. Saad says:

    What if some one has no any idea but good development skills?

  14. @Saad

    Development skills with idea will work. Without idea what will you develop? Only development aren't enough i believe. You've to put forward an idea on which you want to working at.

  15. Muhammad Taqi Hassan Bukhari says:

    I am from Rawalpindi, i see on Facebook that there are many sessions on MIC-Lahore in various technologies, but here in MIC-Islamabad, no activity, no sessions, no internships for all. Why that is? Is Microsoft provide you funds only for Lahore? We are also student and want to learn. You should give equal opportunity for all.

  16. Muhammad Ehtasham says:

    Hi…I have got interview call for this internship but i'm int the 3rd year of my graduation.I want to know if it effects the interview?

  17. Usman Ur Rehman Ahmed says:

    Muhammad Taqi Hassan Bukhari, a couple of aspects for your kind consideration please,

    a- There's no established MIC in Islamabad.

    b- Despite there is no MIC, we still hold a large number of sessions in Islamabad and the updates of which are equally shared on our official Facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/microsoftDeveloper.Pakistan

    c- You have an equal opportunity in learning. You can always apply for Lahore or Karachi internship and we will still interview you based on your skills

    d- If you look closely, this internship post is a reflection that we hold internships in Islamabad. I hope you've applied within due date. 🙂

  18. Usman Ur Rehman Ahmed says:

    Muhammad Ehtasham, No, it doesn't. It is all subject to your existing skills and passion for learning and developing.

  19. zubair says:

    What is the criteria of your selection . I was called for the interview and during the interview i answered all the questions correctly except one or two . I was not selected. i felt pretty much disappointed. Can you tell me what else is that you are looking for except skills ?

  20. Rahber says:


    There two possible case scenarios;

    1) Other candidates were exceptionally good.

    2) Your idea was not solid enough compared to other candidates.

    You can always apply for next batches with more preparation.

  21. Amna says:

    Please post the link from which we can apply

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