New Prizes & Exciting Opportunities for Imagine Cup Winning Teams

New set of bootcamps are recently announced for this year's Imagine Cup winning teams from World Citizenship, Innovation and Games categories.


For World citizenship, the Microsoft YouthSpark bootcamp is going to fly that winning team back to Microsoft and they are going to spend a week there on Campus working with Microsoft engineers and business development people to learn and grow their projects to really make them great.

For Innovation Category, Microsoft Ventures is going to fly that winning team to one of Microsoft Innovation places around the world and that team will spend four weeks in a special accelerator program to get their product off the ground, form a company, and get the startup going.

Every year in Seattle, there is Pax Prime festival which is a gigantic event for gamers of all sorts. Tens of thousands of gamers from around the world, fly to Seattle in every August to attend Pax Prime and we are going to bring that Games category winning team from World finals to actually have their own station at Pax Prime to demo their project to all those gamers from all over the world. They’ll also go to an exclusive event called Pax Dev. Pax Dev is a developer conference specifically for game makers; game designers, game programmers, game artists, game producers, etc. They all come together spending two days at Seattle and our Games category winning team will be there.

For more information please visit, Boot Camps at official Imagine Cup site.

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