Submit your idea’s :: Windows 8.1 Boot Camps at Karachi.



Hello Developers

Microsoft Innovation Center, Karachi is going to organize two “Boot Camps (technical training) on Windows 8.1” under the umbrella of “Technical Skill Accelerator” program to enhance the technical skill sets of software developers and students on latest Microsoft technologies.

The program is designed in such a way that you will not just be able to use your creativity but will also avail the learning opportunities through Microsoft experts and community members. The program will also provide global visibility to good application developers.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Basic knowledge of C# and object oriented programming.

  2. Have an idea of application that can make a difference.

  3. Passion to work on Windows 8 and Windows phone platform.


2 days hands-on training for full day (10:00 AM till 5:00 PM),

Boot Camp # 1:

    • 9th December till 10th December (10:00 AM till 5:00 PM).

Boot Camp #2:

    • 18th December till 19th December (10:00 AM till 5:00 PM).

How to apply:

  1. Share one pager application idea(500 words at max) for Windows 8 application.
    1. New and innovative ideas will be preferred.
  2. The scope of idea should be less than 4 weeks.
  3. Company/University name with designation/semester.


Email the above details at by 6th of December 2013 (at max) to reserve your seat for the Boot Camp.
Only shortlisted candidates will receive confirmation email from Microsoft Innovation Center team.


  1. The selection of any candidate will solely be at discretion of MIC Team.
  2.  Microsoft reserves the right to disqualify any candidate any time without providing any specific reason.
Comments (25)

  1. kamran says:

    December is the exams months , you must arrange these events after December.

  2. Muhamad Umer says:

    There will be events in January as well but for the month of December, you have two options (9-10 Dec, 12-13 Dec)

  3. Asif Iqbal says:

    Is it necessary to give an idea in order to attend this event ?

  4. Muhamad Umer says:

    Yes, as you will have to develop and publish an application (your idea) after the training to get certificates.

  5. SALMAN ELAHI says:

    You should arange the event after december due to semister exams

  6. Asad Imam says:

    ok- I will share my idea but what if someone steal it later 🙂 ?

  7. Shoaib IQbal says:

    agreed Asad Imam :p

  8. Kamran says:

    Is it necessary to develop app in C#. Can not we develop in HTML5?

  9. Muhamad Umer says:

    The training will be on C# but you can develop of Html5 as well.

  10. Saima Irum says:

    What if we wouldn't be able to complete the app after training?

    And do we have to be app developer for this boot camp as i have basic knowledge of OOP but i haven't developed any app yet?

  11. Muhamad Umer says:

    @Saima Irum.

    1) Those who fail to develop & publish an app after the training will not get certificates of this training.

    2) You can join, if you have knowledge of OOP and programming in c#.

  12. Muzammil says:

    @ Muhammad Umar

    what will happen next if lets suppose some one is able to complete his app.. would Microsoft helps him for uploading app i.e providing free store accounts???

  13. Atif says:

    can we propose an idea as a group?

  14. Muhamad Umer says:


    If you are a student, then store registration is already free for you using DreamSpark 🙂

  15. Muhamad Umer says:


    No – each participant has to submit a separate idea and he/she has to submit app separately

  16. Shaharyar says:

    Will we have to complete the app in the just 2 days during the training ?

  17. Shaharyar says:

    and where will be the 2nd boot camp (18, 19 dec) ?

  18. Ahmed says:

    Can we submit more than one ideas? because if one is rejected we will have another chance

  19. Saima Irum says:

    Can we suggest more than one idea?

  20. Muhamad Umer says:


    You have to complete and publish the app within 1 month after the training and the bootcamp's will take place at Microsoft innovation center, Bahria University, Karsaz, karachi.

  21. Muhamad Umer says:

    @Ahmed & @Irum

    You can submit multiple idea's but only one idea will be shortlisted, and you have to develop & publish the shortlisted idea (app)

  22. Talha khan says:

    My today's paper is canceled and it is now rescheduled to 10dec, so It is not possible for me to attend BootCamp#1. Are BootCamp#1 and BootCamp#2 same ?

  23. Muhamad Umer says:


    You can opt for BootCamp # 2, and yes the agenda of both camps will be same.

  24. Talha khan says:

    Umer bhai I have received confrimation email from MIC for BootCamp#1, but I have my exam on 10dec so is it possible to tranfer my registration from BootCamp#1 to BootCamp#2 ?

  25. Hammad Sami says:

    I Attended boot camp#1 and it was really great !

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