ebook: Introducing Windows 8.1 for IT Professionals

While surfing Microsoft TechNet blog today I stumbled upon this free ebook, Introducing Windows 8.1 RTM for IT Professionals and a quick review of the PDF version proven to be worth a read. If you happen to be an IT Professional considering or planning to deploy Windows 8.1 in your office or work environment, this book is meant for you.

Here’s what the book covers in brief,

Chapter 1: An overview of Windows 8.1

Chapter 2: The Windows 8.1 user experience

Chapter 3: Deploying Windows 8.1

Chapter 4: Security in Windows 8.1

Chapter 5: Internet Explorer 11

Chapter 6: Delivering Windows Store apps

Chapter 7: Recovery options in Windows 8.1

Chapter 8: Windows 8.1 and networks

Chapter 9: Virtualization in Windows 8.1

Chapter 10: Windows RT 8.1

Chapter 11: Managing mobile devices

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