Featured App of the Day: Search Quran (with Roman Urdu Support) for Windows Phone

I’m sure you must have enjoyed recent impressive articles around Expression Blend by Shahid Aziz in past few days. However, it is time to continue our journey of showcasing useful apps and relative heroes and I’ve the honor to feature an immensely useful Windows Phone app that offers roman Urdu Qur’anic translation, offers simple yet elegant UI and has beautiful typography. So without waiting further, read what the developer of this app speaks about Windows Phone platform and the journey towards this app himself,

Could you please tell us a bit about yourself and your background?

I am Zahid Hussain from Karachi Pakistan, working as a software Engineer of free Lance IT projects from Pakistan, US and UK. I have passion for developing for Microsoft technologies, android and iOS. I have done Masters in Business Administration from Sindh University. I have received many awards and appreciation certificates from higher authorities like General Head Quarter, Rawalpindi, Speaker Sindh Assembly, different well known scholars of Pakistan (belonging to different schools of thought) and also The Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Award.

How the idea of the Search Quran came to you?

 I use to find it difficult to look for specific topics in The Holy Quran this gave me a thought that like me many other people would also be facing the same problem. So I made up my mind and started translating The Holy Quran into roman Urdu (a language being used worldwide for the sake of communication and understood by millions). It took me around 10 months to translate each and every word in roman. Then I geared up myself to make a search engine on it which could bring ayahs related to any topic with in the blink of an eye. And Alhamdulillah in the course of four years I was successful in making a really working Search Engine related to The Holy Quran. After this I planned to take this application from desktop to mobile phones, a need of every person. Now anybody anywhere in the world can download and use this amazing Search Engine on almost all mobile phones platforms. Currently I have 1.45 million downloads in 172 countries.

Why you decided to implement this idea specifically on Windows8/Windows Phone/Azure?

I have developed this app on all major platforms like Desktop, iOS and Android. Windows Phone is a growing smartphone OS and its user base is increasing day by day, few months ago it moved up on #3 Smartphone OS, so it is an opportunity for developers to build quality apps on this platform and grab the TOP Rank on this platform. I saw it as an opportunity and I quickly developed it on Windows Phone. The best feature I like about this platform is beautiful support of Arabic language, the UI & typography is very slick, fast, and fluid and it looks like the phone is specifically developed to support Arabic language.

What resources on Microsoft or community side you found most helpful while working on the app? Could you please take us on a quick tour to understand your application better?

Microsoft helped me to build my readiness on this platform by providing training and supporting me throughout the development process and also helped me to market it on our community. I specifically like to thank Microsoft Innovation Center, Karachi and their technical lead for their support.

The app is basically a full fledge Quran in your smartphone with optimized search engine that allows you to search almost anything in Quran in English, Urdu, Roman Urdu (Urdu Transliteration) & Arabic. It also support
voice translation that I recorded personally in studio for this application

Quick Tour: 

- Search any topic in Holy Quran. If you want to search Patience related Aayaat in Holy Quran type "Patience" in English or type "صبر" in Urdu or type "Sabar" in Roman Urdu (transliteration) or select "الصبر" in Arabic you will get the result in less than 1 second.

- Search by specific Para.

- Search by Specific Surah

- Search by Complete Quran

- 1000 Subjects already given in Urdu and English.


What are your interests behind technology?

One word “Technology Drives Me” and I am looking forward to help Muslims around the world to keep in touch with our religion through technology.

Any plans for news apps or projects in general?

Yes, I am working on some other Islamic apps that I don’t want to disclose right now, but INSHALLAH very soon I will disclose them and publish it on marketplace.

What would you advise to Developers in the region who also would like to become Pakistan Hero?

I would like to advise youngsters to portray a true picture of Pakistan that we are a technology aware nation and we are firm on our religion. And I would like to advise them to work for the sake and spread of Islam as this would be
beneficial for here and hereafter.

Where the community can catch up with you online or offline?

URL: www.nuzool.com

Email: zahidchihpa@hotmail.com  

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/honestzahid

Phone: +92 300 301 2285

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  1. JazakALLAH khair..

    good work also add some more feature of setting like move ayat with swap, hide translations because due to this it is easy to read the Holy Quran only.

  2. Kashif Bhatti says:

    Well done Iam so proud on you..!

  3. Faisal Ismail says:

    Great Job sir !

  4. Mirza Asad Baig says:

    May ALLAH give you reward in this world and here after for this effort.

  5. ASIF MIRZA FAZI says:


  6. Irfan Ahmad Muddassir says:

    Always a Fan…!


  7. Shehzad Ahmed says:

    Jazakum Allah Khair…

    Amazing Work Zahid bhai..

  8. adil says:

    is there andriod version

  9. Deenwise says:

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    “<a href="itunes.apple.com/…/id898693923 and Urdu translations of Quran</a>”.

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