Featured App of the Day: WeatherSense for Windows Phone

I have an exclusive app to feature today; WeatherSense that carries tones of features with powerful animations that adapts to changing weather conditions and offers a rich graphical user interface ranging from notifications, weather views, city search, etc.

Could you please tell us a bit about yourself and your background?

We are a team of Computer Science undergraduates from LUMS who are keen to make a name for themselves and build careers for themselves. We just wanted to make something innovative and just as a start we came with this weird name 'Mobious.

Mutahir, hated for being too organized in his batch, has been the team's idea man and the guy whose kept control over the UI design while Wajahat, who can be said ‘jack of many trades; master of some’, had done some development already and so has turned out to be the hardcore programmer for the team while giving occasional pointers on the design part.

But well that’s just not it. How could it be? Two programmers? No one else? Even though the team sound too small, the all-round skills of both make the team just not like any other ordinary team you might find today.

How the idea of the WeatherSense came to you?

Hmm… Well there is absolutely no fixed answer to that. We always wanted to be creative and make something that would firstly earn us some good money and secondly help us in our careers and so just after having analyzed our skills as better developers than designers, we thought of something that is yet to be seen on Windows Phone store and so WeatherSense is what you have now.

Why did you decide to implement this idea specifically on Windows Phone?

Well like I said before, this idea is something that is not very common on the store and all the weather applications tend to be too expensive for people. Furthermore, Windows Phone platform is rapidly growing considering the quality of handsets that are being produced rapidly over the world. Then the store’s quality control makes the store different from any other App Store you might find so Windows Phone store being our top priority for this application.

What resources on Microsoft or community side you found most helpful while working on the app? Could you please take us on a quick tour to understand your application better?

We had the support of very nice and kind people at Microsoft Innovation Center, Lahore, Pakistan who not only provided tutorials but any sort of help that we personally required, they along with the whole DPE team of Pakistan kept us motivated till the end.

WeatherSense is well the first ever fully animated Weather application on Windows Phone store and is currently available for Windows Phone 8. Even though there were some OS restrictions, we successfully managed to include features like multiple location support, toast notifications and daily vocal weather updates.


What are your interests behind technology?

The future is all about technology advancements and this has been the real motivation factor in both of our lives and we both think technology can change how the world is today. We cannot imagine living in a world without a computer and an internet connection.

Any plans for news apps or projects in general?

Well this is just the start that you have witnessed. As stated before, Mutahir is someone wants money and Wajahat is someone who needs it, therefore we intend to produce not only other class applications but also some high quality 3D games as well in the future. Quality comes before quantity here at Mobious so it’s just a matter of finding time and trust me it is fun developing for yourself.

What would you advise to Developers in the region who also would like to become Pakistan Hero?

One thing I have to say, just don’t do development for fun, to pass time and enjoy. Trust me, it will do you no good in life. Try to achieve something out of what you develop. You could be the average kid but could turn out to be one hell of a developer in Pakistan and who knows you would end up on the other side who’d be training developers rather than developing. Just try to make the most out of every opportunity that you get because there are millions trying to get the opportunity you have and never be disappointed when something bad happens while developing because success comes through failures.

Me and Wajahat have ordinary backgrounds and we are not some geniuses born out of the blue. Trust me I was a ‘D’ grader once and that too in the same major I am but then I am proud to tell it because that is who I am. Just a small tweak in life and the way you do things is what’s needed to change it. Life is difficult but then you have to cope with it and adapt to changes to become successful in the future.

One last advice, if you have an idea just go for it. It’s better than trying that just throwing it away which almost everyone in Pakistan tends to do either thinking he can’t do it or it can’t be done.

Anything else you would like to say?

We just want to personally thank someone who’d not be expecting this, Mr. Fareed Zaffar for everything, Yasar Qamar, my great friend, without whom I personally wouldn’t be here, and then MIC Lahore and the whole DPE team for giving us this wonderful opportunity and especially for bringing the real developers out of us.

We would also like to thank our parents who let us pursue our favorite subjects instead of forcing us to study the mainstream engineering disciplines.

Where the community can catch up with you online or offline?

This shouldn’t be a difficult question at all. Well you can contact us easily at mobious_labs@live.com for any queries that you might have. Or if you are a friend then catch us at any time on LUMS campus.

Mutahir Hussain Kazmi
    Muhammad Wajahat


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