Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Tips, Tricks & Coding Best Practices

This morning one of our interns Namrah Khurram at Microsoft Innovation Center, Lahore who also happens to be former Microsoft Student Partner (MSP), delivered a presentation on Visual Studio 2012 Tips and Tricks alongside some useful Object Oriented programming best practices.

Since I worked closely with her for the purpose of this presentation, I thought it would be a good idea to speak about some of those favorite tips and tricks in this blog post while sharing the slide deck. The 24 aspects discussed are shown below,

Visual Studio 2012 Tips & Tricks.pptx

Comments (4)

  1. Named Regions says:

    #region somename

    Assert.Fail('not best practices');

    #end region

  2. Henry says:

    Some of these are very useful!

  3. SeriousM says:

    wow, the useful things like codemap and clone-finder only in premium and ultimate. thank you microsoft for being so greedy.

  4. Prashat sarywiya says:

    Haapy BirthDay Dear !

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