A word about Windows Phone Developer Feedback and Feature Suggestion

"Hello there, I think Windows Phone is a cool OS around and I believe if you add support for following features in coming version it would be great!"

I often come across such and similar suggestions and questions from local Windows Phone consumer and even developer community. It appears as if lots of developers too have no idea if a particular API or feature is already requested by developer community or being evaluated by Windows Phone Core Development team or simply ensuring that they're heard?

To ensure you are heard guys had already setup forums for consumers suggestions and developer's feedback. The forums are intact since beginning of Windows Phone 7 but unfortunately not known to most of our local community. Below please find links to each with a brief overview and I would only like to add that participating in such forums will help you understand why upcoming version of Windows Phone are different from your expectations as community is a great driving force. So play your part and read on,

Windows Phone Developer Feedback

"This forum focuses on the developer platform (APIs, runtimes, and controls) that you use to build great app experiences for Windows Phone. ...

Suggestions provided via the WPDev UserVoice forum will be reviewed and read by the Windows Phone developer platform team, providing feedback to help with planning ideas and to better understand how developers are using the development platform, and all suggestions will be considered."

Windows Phone Feature Suggestion

"Welcome to the Windows Phone Feature Suggestion Box! Please vote for a feature suggestion or submit your own! We’ve created this site as a tool to help Microsoft understand how customers use Windows Phone and we welcome your feedback."

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