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In last few months Microsoft Pakistan has taken several new initiatives to strengthen our relationship with local developer and technical community. One initiative that we believe should reach to larger audience is launch of Pakistan specific MSDN and TechNet newsletters.

We know the potential of our tech resources and thus focus of both newsletter programs is to create and increase awareness of emerging tool and trends in technology, highlight initiatives and success stories from Pakistan. We hope this initiative will help technical audience of Pakistan to be recognized and developers to shine brighter in the world.

So please spare a moment and subscribe to these newsletters and spread the word around in your respective community and companies.

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  1. ATIF SHAHZAD says:

    I love the idea and made my subscription well what I would like to remove the communication gap between developers there should some online events in terms of live meeting or webinars so then we can polish the potential in our country and make the developers to move forward in effective manner.

  2. Thanks Atif for bringing the aspect on-board. To keep you updated, we are actively engaged in online and offline trainings across Pakistan from academia to industry on latest tools and technologies. However our reach may be affected and we are progressively working to improve that.

    To ensure you are aware of the events happening around, we'll encourage you to stay connected with us through and in case want to discuss further on the topic, you can directly reach me at v-usrehm (at)

  3. this is great initiative.

  4. Thanks for letting us know and sharing. Usman.

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