Download SharePoint SDK for Windows Phone 8 + Free Developer Resources

If you are interested in developing Windows Phone 8 apps that would connect to SharePoint 2013.

The great news is Microsoft released SharePoint 2013 SDK for Windows Phone 8.

Install the tools:

1. Prerequisite: Make sure you have the Windows Phone 8 Developer tools installed on your PC.

2. Download and install Microsoft SharePoint SDK for Windows Phone 8 MSI.

Develop Windows Phone 8 apps for SharePoint 2013:

· How to: Set up an environment for developing mobile apps for SharePoint

· Overview of Windows Phone SharePoint 2013 application templates in Visual Studio

· Architecture of the Windows Phone SharePoint List Application template

· How to: Create a Windows Phone SharePoint 2013 list app

· How to: Store and retrieve SharePoint list items on a Windows Phone

· How to: Implement business logic and data validation in SharePoint 2013 app for Windows Phone

· How to: Support and convert SharePoint 2013 field types for Windows Phone apps

· How to: Customize list item queries and filter data for Windows Phone apps

· How to: Customize the user interface of a SharePoint 2013 list app for Windows Phone

· How to: Use multiple SharePoint 2013 lists in a Windows Phone app

· How to: Configure and use push notifications in SharePoint 2013 apps for Windows Phone

· Integrating location and map functionality in SharePoint 2013

· How to: Create a mobile app in SharePoint 2013 that contains data from an external data source

· How to: Integrate maps with Windows Phone apps and SharePoint 2013 lists

· How to: Build search-driven mobile apps with the Navigation and Event Logging REST interfaces


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