SkyDrive users can now share Office documents with anyone.

Now people can view and edit your Office documents without a Microsoft account.

Now it has become easier to give access to other people if you want to share your MS Office documents via a SkyDrive.

By Using Microsoft’s Office Web Apps or Office 2013, Create a URL of any document that you want to store online. Now e-mail that URL to your friends, colleagues or anyone whom you want to view or edit that document. It was not like this before. Before this tweaking in collaboration, Collaborative parties are required to have a Microsoft account in order to view or make changes to your online stored document. But now this limitation is gone.

Anybody who has the URL to that online stored document can view the file in Office Web Apps by just clicking on the URL. There they can find a link in the Web Apps to edit the file in their browser and resave it. There will be no prompt to sign-In with Microsoft Account to open, edit and resave the document.

A detailed process helped by few screenshots is available here

Now, the new versions of Microsoft Office 2013 and Office 365 offer tighter collaboration with SkyDrive.

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