A few Important Windows 8 Dev. Center Articles

Whether you are a professional Windows 8 developer or just getting started, here are some recently updated/added Dev. Center articles that we believe will help a lot. Important articles are highlighted.


Help with app certification

  • Resolving certification errors Important! Fixed links, added more info throughout document, verified parity with latest version of Certification  Requirements
  • Certification Requirements Updated! to version 4.5.
  • This new set of requirements includes policies for games with ESRB Mature or PEGI 18+ age ratings. 
  • Windows 8 app certification requirements. This guiding document is updated to include more details and examples of what’s required to pass certification.
  • Avoiding common certification failures Driven by the app certification team, this new topic lists common reasons why apps fail certification.
  • Resolving certification failures This new article contains an entry for each certification requirement, and lists the current recommendations for resolving common failures. When a developer learns that their app has failed certification, point them here.
  • Index of UX guidelines: The index of UX guidelines is the checklist used to evaluate apps in the App Fast Track.

 Developer registration

  • Choosing your business model  Important! business model info, corrected info on in-app purchases with trial apps
  • App Developer Agreement Updated to version 4.5. Contains language explaining that developers cannot use their apps to abuse the Store service.
  • Choosing your markets New! section that lists markets that are unavailable if a game has a rating of ESRB Mature or PEGI 18+.
  • Choosing the right account type New! topic that goes into more detail on how to choose between an individual and company account. Also explains how accounts are verified.
  • Opening a developer account This topic explains the steps to open a Windows Store developer account. Once an account is open, developers can log into their Store Dashboard and start publishing apps.
  • About strong authentication This topic explains how Microsoft Accounts are kept secure by requiring security proofs that use multiple forms of identification.

Publishing apps

In-app purchases

Marketing materials

  • Marketing your app In addition to articles on how to create a great app listing in the Windows Store,  you can get Windows Store logos, usage specifications, and other marketing assets.
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