Download All MSDN Documentations for OFFLINE Access

Now you can download all MSDN documentations OFFLINE on your machine so that you can browse/search them easily without having to be online all the time.

It’s a very useful tool that offers you all the documentation needed in one place whether it’s for Windows Phone development, Windows Store App Development, even Kinect for Windows SDK, and many others. Here you are a step-by-step tutorial on how make use of this amazing feature.

1. Open Visual Studio 2012

2. Go to Help -> Set Help Preference -> Launch in Help Viewer

3. In the 1st time, Microsoft Help Viewer 2.0 should run automatically; if it didn’t, just press F1 or Ctrl+F1 to run it. Help Viewer will be launched,

4. Click on Manage Content to load tab that will allow management of MSDN documentation/resources (may take a few seconds for the list to be filled) for your preferred topic(s) to be referenced offline.


5. After configuring all that are required press Update to have them installed on your machine locally (Offline). (If you are promoted to authorize the program to make certain changes in operating system press Yes)


A bar will list download progress.


6. Once it finishes, chosen items will be listed in the Help Viewer left pane for browsing or searching purposes even when you are offline 🙂

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  1. Very useful tip. I will try this out today itself. Thanks for sharing Usman.

  2. Muhammad Zeeshan says:

    VEry Help Ful…….Thanxxx For Sharing…

  3. Awais Hanif says:

    Good job very easy way

  4. raha says:

    my help viewer cant be run .why ?

    after I run it give me this error :

    The Application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect.Please see tha application event log or use the comman-line sxstrace.exe tool for more information.

    please help me how can download offline Help content ?


  5. Rajesh says:

    I am looking to download mvc 3 documentation.. I could not do so in this method. 🙁

  6. Mike says:

    Where is the winapi documentation?

  7. VitorEAF says:

    The most important content removed from downloadable msdn library content

    <Windows Desktop Development>/<Windows Store Development>

    Offline manuals for offline development versus important manuals for important operation systems!…

  8. mohammad hosein says:

    the best way to download help file & installing offline is in this web address :

  9. JongAm Park says:

    There is nothing for Win32.

  10. Ohav Baumgarten says:

    Great!!! Thanks for sharing!!

  11. Renjith says:

    Thanks for the tip !!!

  12. Ury /Bulgaria says:

    Tank You!:)

  13. Manikandan says:

    hi i need msdn offline docoment pls help me….

    to send the link on

  14. toch88 says:

    yes but what about DirecX documentation?

  15. zx says:

    Tank you

  16. Azizur Rahman says:


    <From Bangladesh>.

  17. Deepak says:

    Does this work on mouse hover as well… Like a I move my mouse over a method, will it show me the documentation for it?

  18. b&r says:

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. VIvek says:

    Simple and easy explation.
    Great (y)

  20. Krish says:

    Thank you. It helped me a lot…

  21. Empister says:

    Thank you! great help!

  22. Scott says:

    WOW! This is completely useless if you’re ACTUALLY OFFLINE!!!
    If our Visual Studio install is OFFLINE, then we cannot DOWNLOAD THE PACKAGE.

    Ok, so please provide a direct link to downloading these files

      1. Jemsoo Seven says:

        You can use VisualStudioHelpDownloader.exe for doing so first.

  23. Raul Nunez says:

    Open VS – at the Top right – (in Search) type : Help Viewer – Follow steps = BOOM!

  24. Karim says:

    Hi please explain in 2017

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