Windows Phone 7.8 SDK is just announced

Here's a good news for Windows Phone developers. Windows Phone 7.8 SDK is just announced and is an optional update. Yes, that's right. The SDK mainly adds two new Windows Phone 7.8 emulator images to existing SDK installation with variation of RAM (256/512).

The update complies both with Windows Phone SDK 7.1 as well as Windows Phone SDK 8.0 and provides new start screen (three variations of tile sizes) experience as introduced in Windows Phone 8.0. You can read more details of the SDK here,

This should also be kept in consideration that Microsoft has already confirmed that update for 7.8 will be rolled out to consumer devices starting January 31, 2013.

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  1. Ibtesam Sharif says:

    Does this update contain the In-App support as present in Windows Phone 8?

  2. No, it doesn't. In-App purchase is a feature of Windows Phone 8.0 SDK and Windows Phone 7.8 offers limited features from SDK 8.0 to be rolled out to devices originally out with 7.5. Tiles size variation is one important such feature.

    This update will majorly help in testing apps as how they will appear on 7.5 devices (e.g. Nokia Lumia 800) once updated with 7.8 OS.

    We'd suggest to adapt to SDK 8.0 for allowing in-app purchase support.

  3. I was just waiting for it …

  4. Daniyal.A.Razzak says:

    Salam!i am an ordinary wp 7.5 user and also a great fan:).

    I have a lumia 710 and waiting for the 7.8 update ,can anyone help me as i am not recieving any update when connecting my device to zune.current location pakistan but microsoft account uk.

    When connecting it says "your device is up to date".

    Plz if some one can help plz do:).

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