Start Building Apps for Office and SharePoint with Windows Azure

You can start developing Office and SharePoint apps with Windows Azure integration easily.
With your Office 365 Developer Site, you get an isolated app domain for SharePoint-hosted apps, preconfigured to use OAuth, so that you can use the Windows Azure Access Control Service (ACS) for authenticating and authorizing  provider-hosted apps for SharePoint that are deployed to this site.
Now, you have a test environment for starting development for Microsoft Office 3s65 with Windows Azure.
It's good for developing productivity applications that'll work with Office 365.
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  1. rogerj says:

    To developers interested in Office SharePoint apps autohosted in Windows Azure:

    Bear in mind that the Office Store team has embargoed autohosted SharePoint apps from registration and has provided no advice as to when the embargo might be lifted.

    For more details, see the "Attempting to List SharePoint Apps in the Office Store Preview " section of my…/lightswitch-html-client-preview-2.html post.



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