Support Multiple Platforms using Portable Class Library

Most of you developing apps for either Windows Phone or Windows 8 must have thought or replicated the same concept on counterpart technology. Though most part of the code (XAML and code behind) remains the same while porting an app built for Windows Phone to Windows 8 or vice versa, it is always preferred to start with end in mind and thus leveraging the mechanism using which your developed routines will be compatible across multiple platforms.

This is made possible using Portable Class Library. Here’s how MSDN explains Portable Class Library,

“Portable Class Libraries have been available since .NET Framework 4. You can use them to create portable assemblies that can target multiple platforms, including Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Phone, Silverlight, and Xbox 360, as demonstrated in the following image.”

Making use of portable class library will result in reduction of development time, effort and will also allow your app to intrinsically support portability across multiple platforms. If you are more like me and prefer video tutorials, here’s channel 9 video to begin with,



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