Windows 8 :: Which Movie tonight!


I feel really proud to share that first Windows 8 application from Pakistan is now in Windows Store. The application name is Popcorn time. It’s an ultimate movies database, which gives you exclusive information about the
latest Hollywood & Bollywood movies along with their insight reviews, ratings, trailers and movie clips.

The main features include; Latest Hollywood & Bollywood Movies, Movies Description, Budget, Studios and other relevant information along with trailers.

Please click on the below link to have the Popcorn experience:

Popcorn Time

The application is developed by a young talented student of Pakistan; Muhammad Umer ( He is also a Microsoft Community Speaker and contributes in the IT community as Microsoft ambassador. 


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  1. Arafat says:

    It's good that Microsoft is planning to promote Windows 8 apps but sad to see that none of the Windows Phone apps were promoted like this. Even Microsoft Gulf or Nokia UAE promote them for Pakistani developers.

    Hats off to the developer again! 🙂

  2. Ahsan says:

    Awesome Job, really Proud of You 🙂 🙂

    Great work.

  3. Yashwant says:

    Its a good application, i just installed it on my PC.

    Congratulations to the developer for delivering a good app and making it the first app from the country.

  4. Atif Altaf Khan says:

    very nice work dude 🙂 love it <3

  5. Waqas says:

    Great Job Umer

  6. Hassan Akhtar says:

    Great Work Umer.. 🙂

  7. Saad Mehmood says:

    Great !

  8. Zareen Altaf says:

    Wow done great job 🙂

  9. faiz masroor says:

    superb :)))))

    you r simply mind blowin  😀

  10. Arafat; not just this we have done numerous activities around Windows Phone. The best example of it is MEA Phone 7 Challenge in which we not only promoted the best talent of Pakistan but also awarded them with prizes like Laptops, Net Books, and a trip to Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, USA fully sponsored by Microsoft.

    This is just one forum we have multiple other forums where these news are published frequently. Please keep following us on our Facebook pages and twitter as well.

  11. Sarah Kanwal says:


    Great news, but why i cannot see it in store, i have windows 8 consumer preview???

    Anyways Hats off to the developer. Keep it UP. (Y)

  12. you will need RTM to see this 🙂

  13. Good job. Will try to feature it on my blog

  14. Wajdaan Ali says:

    Nice Work.

    Highly Appreciated 🙂

  15. Zain Shahid says:

    Truly amazing job done!!!

    Keep rocking man!!

  16. Sarah Dhillo says:

    Great Work Umer 😀

    Best wishes from me for future as well !

  17. Mr Haseeb, I agree about that. I know those brilliant NED students developed the apps for Windows Phone as I have been following Windows Phone activities.

    My concern was not only to promote in terms of prizes etc. It was in terms of gaining market (which I have personally witnessed in UAE, I know this is just a vague statement for now but I can elaborate).

    I still appreciate your step towards newest Microsoft technologies. I would also request you to support independent Windows Phone / Windows 8 developers who are not student anymore but are investing their times in creating apps for community.

    I am much active on twitter and I can't seem to find your updates for more than 7. Please keep your fans/developers/users updated there as well!

    Hope to talk to you soon, InshaAllah.


  18. Muhamad Umer says:

    Thanks everyone 🙂

  19. Arafat, thanks for your feedback.

    There is always room for improvement. We are available to any developer regardless if he/she is professional, student or freelancer. We not only provide visibility to our talents in UAE but cover all corners of the world. I can share some renowned names who were part of Pakistani community and now are well settled in best IT companies around the globe (including Microsoft).  

    Regarding twitter, we have a small team in Pakistan with huge community. There are times when we are more active and there are times when the situation is other way around but we always try to provide our maximum 🙂

    Keep me posted with your feedback. My email is: feel free for any query 🙂

  20. Zeeshan says:

    try some thing new now 😛 its too old now.. pls 😀

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