Microsoft Technology Guru Contest Round 2 – Question # 35

You want to change the 3D rotation, frame and layout of the picture. Which of the following tool will allow you for that?

1. Picture Border
2. Picture Effect
3. Picture Layout
4. Picture Style


How to participate:

  • Answer the above question and providing your email address along.
  • Only the answer provided with email address will be marked.
  • Only the first correct answer will be considered.
  • For further details kindly refer to the Competition Rules and Guidelines.

Comments (8)

  1. Dear Mr. Haseeb Shaukat,

    I want to know the status of MTG Round 2 Contest. What are the results? are we going to carry this further or has it ended?

    Aqeel Ahmed

  2. aasim says:

    i think.. picture layout..

  3. Kindly tell us the results of Round 2. I don't expect Microsoft to drop a competition mid-way.

  4. I guess that now all hope is lost of getting a reply on this matter. Microsoft Tech Guru competition round 2 competitors were left high and dry. After all that energy and time wasted on answering questions in this competition, im more than shocked to see how things have been dealt with.

    It has been more than 2 months now, yet no one cares to explain anything about MTGC Round 2.

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